April 23, 2024

Blondie Watch

Siren Shocking development for this 93 year old comic strip: a named non-white character will be joining the cast, possibly for the first time ever.

Blondie comic strip. Blondie openly ponders hiring a pastry chef. In the last panel, the reader is encouraged to help name the pastry chef by voting on social media.


New York Times:

The search for a new employee will also provide fodder for humor as Blondie interviews applicants. The new pastry chef, a young woman, will also open up story possibilities. “She’s able to bring some spontaneity to the catering company,” Erwin said. “She’s able to understand social media that can help Blondie’s business grow.”

Coston said the character is of Indian descent, and it’s “a nice nod to our faithful fans,” in India.

The poll to name her is here. The choices are Prasha, Maya, Tanvi, Deeva, and Naya, which all seem very normal for a world where characters have names like Dagwood, Blondie Boopadoop, Alexander Hamilton Bumstead, Cookie, and Fred Fuddle.

The New York CRIMES fails to mention this is not the first time Blondie asked its readers to name a new character:

Finally, an election worth caring about.