April 23, 2024

Blondie Watch

Siren Shocking development for this 93 year old comic strip: a named non-white character will be joining the cast, possibly for the first time ever.

Blondie comic strip. Blondie openly ponders hiring a pastry chef. In the last panel, the reader is encouraged to help name the pastry chef by voting on social media.


New York Times:

The search for a new employee will also provide fodder for humor as Blondie interviews applicants. The new pastry chef, a young woman, will also open up story possibilities. “She’s able to bring some spontaneity to the catering company,” Erwin said. “She’s able to understand social media that can help Blondie’s business grow.”

Coston said the character is of Indian descent, and it’s “a nice nod to our faithful fans,” in India.

The poll to name her is here. The choices are Prasha, Maya, Tanvi, Deeva, and Naya, which all seem very normal for a world where characters have names like Dagwood, Blondie Boopadoop, Alexander Hamilton Bumstead, Cookie, and Fred Fuddle.

The New York CRIMES fails to mention this is not the first time Blondie asked its readers to name a new character:

Finally, an election worth caring about.

April 3, 2024
Blondie comic strip. Alexander walks in, complaining about how silly video 'reels' on Instagram and Facebook are driving him crazy. Dagwood asks have you tried real life?
April 3, 2024

Supa Hot Fire rap battle reaction

August 22, 2023


As mentioned before, I’ve been on a quest to watch all 28 Blondie movies. I’ve made a page to put all my reviews so they’re all in one place. Also, I can include images. Currently I just have 15 more movies to go.

July 5, 2023

Blondie Watch

Something I came across when looking through early Blondie strips that I found kind of amusing is this short-lived feature called the Husbands’ Back Fence Club where readers were invited to send in their complaints about their spouses. Just a few months after Blondie and Dagwood’s big wedding and already the comic has pivoted to Battle of the Sexes, ball-and-chain type stuff. Here’s the first two strips in full:

Blondie comic strip. Male neighbors discuss their wives near a back fence. The last panel features complaints sent in by readers.

Blondie comic strip. Again, Male neighbors discuss their wives near a back fence. The last panel features more complaints sent in by readers.

And the rest of them, cropped:

More complaints from husbands, but this time there's complaints from wives too.

Even more complaints from husbands.


This one only features complaints from wives.

Husbands complaining about their wives.

April 29, 2023

Blondie Watch

Before she married Dagwood Bumstead, Blondie’s name was Blondie Boopadoop. That’s what Wikipedia says, that’s what King Features Syndicate says, that’s what the Library of Congress says. But… was it? Out of curiosity, I looked into it, and while “Boopadoop” had been used in official promotional material dating back to 1930, I have yet to find it used in an actual comic strip. A few caveats: my search was by no means exhaustive (it would be nice to have the collection IDW put out) the OCR might have missed something, or maybe there are some gaps in the archive. I would assume “Boopadoop” came from creator Chic Young, or at least had his approval, but it’s odd that he apparently never put it into the strip, so while it’s offical enough, it’s not 100% Comic Strip Canon. Not that the strip was necessarily super-strict about continuity, mind you, just ask the Woodleys’ missing children.

Below are some of my findings; it’s interesting that some of the comic strip’s storylines would also play out in the letters section.

Wedding announcement of Dagwood Bumstead and Miss Blondie Boopadoop
Belleville Daily News Democrat, August 18, 1930

Response to the previous wedding announcement from a lawyer to the Bumsteads claiming it is false
Santa Fe New Mexican, August 23, 1930

An ad announcing the newspaper will start carrying Blondie
Lebanon Daily News, October 8, 1930

Wedding announcement of Dagwood Bumstead and Miss Blondie Boopadoop
The Windsor Star, March 12, 1932

Wedding announcement of Dagwood Bumstead and Miss Blondie Boopadoop
Tampa Bay Times, December 20, 1942

February 16, 2023
Blondie comic strip from February 16, 2023: Dagwood mentions his wedding anniversary is tomorrow


Some surprising continuity in today’s Blondie… they did indeed wed on February 17:

Blondie comic strip panel from February 17, 1933: Blondie and Dagwood wed


Another important date in Blondie lore…Baby Dumpling’s birthday is April 15th, fitting for a kid named after Alexander Hamilton:

Blondie comic strip from November 7, 1934: Blondie states Baby Dumpling's birthday is April 15th


I didn’t intend to become a Blondie blogger, but I’ve accumulated too much knowledge from doing research and I need to share my findings. Fair warning, expect more in the future.

September 20, 2022
Dagwood being robbed at the gas pump

Blondie, 9/16/2022

Cosmo talking about being robbed at the gas pump

Shoe, 9/20/2022

Tough times in the funny pages… stay safe out there
August 29, 2022

Updates on several projects:

  • I have started a quest to watch every movie in the Blondie Cinematic Universe at the rate of one per month, at least until I forget about it, or I have to go out of my way. I figure if I’m going to make jokes about it, I should at least watch it. I bought an ebook about the films (a bit too glib about the multiple suicides, imo) and I’m doing a little research into the comic strip. So far I’ve reviewed the first and second movies. 26 more to go!
  • August 19 is probably the most deep cut my Simpsons timeline project will go. The other Simpsons’ birthdays are in the show or can be extrapolated from the show, but as far as I can tell, the only specific date ever given for Maggie’s birthday by an official source is a calendar from 1993, which dates it as August 19, 1985 (why 1985? Beats me). I discovered this from the Simpsons Archive, and I considered asking people who owned the calendar to take a picture of it for me, but decided I’d rather have a physical version of it myself. I found it on eBay, where it was being sold by my internet acquaintance Mike Sterling, which felt very serendipitous. Also, years ago August 19 was acknowledged as Maggie’s birthday by the official Simpsons Twitter account but they later claim it’s January 14, and I have no clue where the latter comes from.
  • Pleased as punch that Better Call Saul has provided me with an opportunity to update my long-dormant Ask Jeeves blog.
December 15, 2013

Blondie Watch



Blondie has been getting real self-referential lately… all the eternal mysteries of the strip (Blondie’s real name, Dagwood’s job) are falling like dominoes… sooner or later it will be complete anarchy on the comics page…

July 15, 2012
blondie facebook

I mean this without irony… this is the best comic about Facebook I’ve ever seen. Only a strip like Blondie could do such an effective job capturing the dorkiness of middle-aged people using Facebook and chatspeak

April 25, 2006

There were two comic strips about blogs in yesterday’s LA Times


August 30, 2005

I hadn’t realized Frank and Ernest were a gay couple before and it seems all too obvious now that I think about it.