August 18, 2020
A photo of The Stupids film novelization

I remember feeling very distraught when I saw this at the bookstore because I thought the movie had already come out and I’d missed it (it hadn’t)

July 11, 2020

One of my favorite internet things is when some anodyne blog or feed or whatever suddenly gets Political, like when the maintainer of a simpsons screencap tumblr abruptly quit with a rant about how he’s sick of all the anti-Russia hate

Here’s a thing I came across on Flickr with the description “The excuse for violence at the hands of primitive Tribalists and Marxists.” Which is funny by itself but funnier when juxtaposed with the rest of his feed which is mostly “person drawn in simpsons style” and lego star wars generic dork stuff:

Really makes you think (disclaimer in case it’s ironic: ha ha I got the irony I was just being triple ironic)

May 16, 2020
fred willard

RIP Fred Willard. We looked at each other for three seconds and I completely blanked on his name at the opening of The Simpsons Ride.

April 24, 2017

The late night wars are really heating up!!!

July 21, 2016
this is my resting beach face

When did Pop Tarts get so needlessly vulgar?

April 9, 2016

Some cutting-edge satire at Chuck E. Cheese’s

December 31, 2014


“This is one of those photographs that needs some explanation. The President had been meeting with Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, left, and Senior Communications Advisor Tara McGuinness, to prep for a radio interview. At one point, the President made a comment so humorous that Jenn and Tara bent over in laughter.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


July 11, 2014

“Ah yes… energy-efficient lightbulbs. My evil plot to destroy the American way of life is going smoothly.”

June 14, 2013
For your Emmy consideration: PEOPLE SCREAMING


(P.S. I’m using my Flickr account a bit more since I don’t have to worry about storage limits now)

March 17, 2010
internet in a box

Back in the old days, the internet used to come in boxes

March 5, 2010

this is me whenever i make a rad tweet