July 12, 2024
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Zippy the Pinhead:

After Griffith criticized Scott Adams’ comic Dilbert for being “a kind of childish, depleted shell of a once-vibrant medium,” Adams responded a year and half later on May 18, 1998, with a comic strip called Pippy the Ziphead, “cramming as much artwork in as possible so no one will notice there’s only one joke… [and] it’s on the reader.” Dilbert notes that the strip is “nothing but a clown with a small head who says random things” and Dogbert responds that he is “maintaining his artistic integrity by creating a comic that no one will enjoy.”



At this point in time Dilbert was at the height of its popularity, its characters were appearing in Office Depot commercials, and there was a TV series adaptation set to premiere the following year. Imagine having all that success and still being this petty.

April 8, 2022
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Holly Hunter:

Hunter’s likeness was used to portray Senator Finch in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tie-in prequel comics, released by Dr. Pepper on February 3, 2016.

February 7, 2016
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Unhappily Ever After:

By the show’s third season, Tiffany (Nikki Cox) was becoming a breakout character and the de facto co-star of the show along with Pierson. Stories began focusing on Tiffany and Ryan’s high school (and later community college) escapades, and the producers attempted to kill-off the increasingly unnecessary character of Jennie, who returned as a ghost. After doing so, however, they quickly reversed their decision because of negative audience reaction.[citation needed] The character was brought back to life in a deliberately bizarre sequence in which a network executive wandered on to the set and announced Jennie’s character was no longer dead. Nevertheless, Jennie was soon gone again, as several episodes later, the character abandoned her family for a lesbian lover (Hodge choosing to leave the show) and was never seen again.

October 20, 2013
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Woman Wanted:

One of the notable features of the film is that “Alan Smithee” is listed as one of the directors, meaning [director Kiefer] Sutherland effectively disowned the project. It was also the last film to use the Alan Smithee credit, which was discontinued later in 2000.

September 20, 2013
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Henry the Green Engine:

Henry was the focus of Rev. W. Awdry’s irritation once again in the 1990s, when the third season of the television series ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends‘ was released. This series featured a number of original episodes that had not been adapted from The Railway Series stories, some of which annoyed Awdry with their lack of realism. The story that particularly angered him was called ‘Henry’s Forest’.

This episode begins by explaining that Henry’s favourite place on Sodor is a forest through which the line runs. He likes to stop here and admire the scenery. A storm damages the forest, making Henry sad. The episode ends happily, with new trees being planted to replace the ones lost.

Awdry’s complaints were directed at two aspects of the episode in particular. One was that it was unrealistic to have a railway running through a forest, and that sparks from an engine’s funnel could cause a wildfire. Britt Allcroft, the producer of the series, countered this aspect by claiming that she had seen a number of lines do the same thing.

The other aspect was that Henry stops to admire the view without alerting the signalman, which was in direct contravention of British RailwaysRule 55. This, Awdry argued, would never be allowed to happen in real life, and would be highly unsafe.


January 15, 2013
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Cheeburger Cheeburger:

When Cheeburger Cheeburger opened a restaurant in Glenview, Illinois, they were sued by Billy Goat Tavern, which had served as the inspiration for the original Saturday Night Live parody. An out-of-court settlement was reached wherein the restaurant changed the name of the Glenview location to simply Cheeburger and agreed not to open another restaurant within 125 miles of downtown Chicago.[1][2]

Now listen here pardner, there ain’t enough room in this here town for TWO comical misspellings of “cheeseburger” so howsabout you just mosey on out of here

November 7, 2012
Great Moments in Wikipedia

Week before was officially confirmed, from the Facebook official page of the show, the Season 2. His official debupt was September 24, 2012 but for Line-up issues, was delayed making once again that its launch date is unknown. Itself page, confirm also that when the date will be officially ready, the news will post them, and then with TV promo[1].

from The Problem Solverz

August 2, 2012

Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From List of Muppets:

If classified as a frog, [Jill the Frog] is the only female frog in the Muppet universe.[49][50]

I like how Wikipedia people jump to the weirdest conclusions sometimes. OK so apparently we’ve only seen one female frog Muppet on screen, so of course that means there are no other female frogs, Muppet or otherwise, IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Did Doc Hopper wipe out an entire species when we weren’t looking?

March 10, 2012
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wookiepedia

There’s a planet named after Jon Stewart and a guy retroactively named after Conan O’Brien, and this is Canon

February 16, 2012
Fun Facts Gleamed From Wookiepedia

From Yoda’s species:

For reasons unknown, George Lucas maintains a strict policy of keeping the history, name, origin, and whereabouts of this species secret. This policy has resulted even in certain Star Wars publications being canceled. A significant example of this policy was when Lucasfilm (likely at the direction of George Lucas himself) ordered the pulping of the entire print run of a yet-to-be-released Star Wars trading card depicting a group of the unknown tridactyl species worshipping a larger-than-life-size statue of one of their number, led in prayer by an individual who may have been intended to be Yoda.

Prior to the creation of Yaddle for The Phantom Menace, Lucasfilm actively discouraged licensees from exploring Yoda’s species, wishing to avoid confirming that an entire species of Yoda-like individuals even necessarily existed.



June 17, 2007

Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Grimace:

Grimace is a fantasy character, and not intended to be anything specific. However, ever since the character’s introduction there has been much speculation (though much of it tongue-in-cheek) about his appearance. Because the majority of McDonald’s characters more or less directly represent a food product sold at the restaurants (e.g., Mayor McCheese, The Fry Kids, McNugget Buddies, etc.) many have naturally tried to guess as to what, if any, food product Grimace is supposed to represent. It is often suggested that he represents the contents of a milkshake. Grimace’s “official” role, according to McDonald’s, continues to be representative of the chain’s milkshakes. However, he does this out of love for the taste, and not because he is in any way a shake-based creature himself.

June 1, 2007

Fun Facts Gleamed From Wikipedia

From Bad Boys II:

  • The rat sex scene was supposed to be off-screen but one of the animators made it from boredom and it ended up being in the film. Rats do not mate like humans at all.[citation needed]