The Atlantic (February 2012) helped fill in the gaps with information about what -- if anything -- was known about the scripts.
The A.V. Club (November 2010)
25 1/2. Wish-fulfillment commentary, The Simpsons Movie
What could’ve turned out to be the greatest series of commentary tracks ever turned out to be an elaborate joke from a website that seems to have a love/hate relationship with The Simpsons. (Which in the Simpsons universe, means the site’s writers used to love it, and now hate it.) The imaginary “ultimate collector’s DVD” of The Simpsons Movie contains no fewer than eight commentary tracks, ranging from the expected cast track to commentaries from Rupert Murdoch, “Internet Nerds,” and “Disgruntled Ex-Staffers Who Were Not Asked To Participate.” There’s even an idea so dumb it might work: an “Illustrated Commentary” in which Matt Groening and his team sketch over the movie as it’s happening. Alas, the set and its many commentaries were just fanfic; in spite of the many Internet references from people passing this information around as gospel, it doesn’t actually exist.

(For the record, Illustrated Commentary is a real thing on the series DVDs.)

BuzzFeed (September 2012)
Twitter user @robbercat uncovered something startling hidden amongst notorious Twitter bot @horse_ebooks’ thousands of Tweets: a rousing stump speech.
BuzzFeed (October 2013)

Joke tweet mistaken for real

BuzzFeed (June 2016)
22. The Simpsons have visited every continent over the course of the show.
Channel Frederator Blog (August 2007)
Leaked details like these are always suspect, but if it's on Rubbercat, it's gotta be true!
Chaostrophic (November 2015)

Nick Arcade gif I made included in listicle

Consequence (January 2023)
The Simpsons paid tribute to Ledesma with a tribute card at the end of Sunday’s episode, as fan site In the News points out.
The Daily Dot (April 2016)

Includes a Miitomo screenshot I tweeted

Gawker (October 2013)

Identified as Twitter troll

The Guardian (November 2014)
Two, on the "where are the jobs where are they" front: the State Department estimates that Keystone will create 3,900 temporary construction jobs, with permanent new jobs clocking in at 35. Although circumstances can always change! Working for Fema is a job.
HuffPost (July 2011)


JoBlo (August 2007)
UPDATE: Even though this was posted on a real SIMPSONS site, apparently, it was all a "joke". Not a very funny one, but one that this dude thought would be hilarious, I guess. There are always some people on the Net with too much time on their hands, I say.
new The New York Times (February 2023)
In 2009 @robbercat was one of the first to understand that you could just... tweet things at a senator. Which is how we know that Chuck Grassley's favorite foods are "ice cream first, beef second and pork third."
The New Yorker (February 2014)
Fans started Tumblr accounts and Facebook pages, and created Horse_ebooks-inspired comics and fan fiction. At least one fan got a Horse_ebooks tattoo. An artist on Etsy produced letterpress stationery decorated with the tweets, and someone wrote a campaign speech composed entirely of them: "Every week it seems the economy" "Is uncertain, insubstantial" "Or going on a dangerous fad diet!"

It's not linked, but the author is referring to this.

Search Engine Land (August 2009)

Post about a screenshot I took of a new design for Yahoo! search results

Vulture (February 2011) stands by the Simpsons Archive's suggestion of June 25 as Bart's birthday. They explain: "According to the 1992 episode 'Lisa's First Word,' Lisa was born during the 1984 Summer Olympics. Specifically, Marge started going into labor during the women's 100 meter butterfly, which was scheduled on August 2nd. In the 1997 episode 'My Sister, My Sitter,' Bart exclaims that he is 'two years and thirty-eight days' older than Lisa, which would put Bart's birthday on or around June 25th." I'm compelled to like this hypothesis as it involves both research and math, two very sexy things.
Wired (June 2007)

Blog post about a YouTube video I made