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Animated gif from The Simpsons of President Trump looking at a can-can line of Democratic candidates

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simpsons jack o'lantern
In the show's monthly horror anthology, Homer is turned into a jack o'lantern, Kang poses as the monstrous Republican candidate while Kodos poses as Donald Trump, and Lisa becomes a serial killer to generate content for her true crime podcast.

quote of the day

Kind friends, my heart is not set on festivity, nor do necklaces of gold cause any flutter in my sorrowing bosom, nor will I stand up with the maidens of Shelbyville to beat my foot in the mazy dance. Tears have been my meat day and night; ah misery! See my unkempt hair, my tattered dress; are they fit for a princess, a daughter of Homer, or for Springfield which once thought of my father as its captor?

Lisa Simpson, The Electra Company

did you know...?

All phone numbers in The Simpsons begin with 555, a reference to Adolf Hitler's membership number in the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP).

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