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Lionel Hutz is widely regarded as one of the nation’s foremost legal minds. He’s an acclaimed legal scholar with a rich understanding of constitutional law. And he has won accolades from observers across the ideological spectrum for his well-reasoned arguments and commanding presence.

Barack Obama, The Hutz Stops Here
Kind friends, my heart is not set on festivity, nor do necklaces of gold cause any flutter in my sorrowing bosom, nor will I stand up with the maidens of Shelbyville to beat my foot in the mazy dance. Tears have been my meat day and night; ah misery! See my unkempt hair, my tattered dress; are they fit for a princess, a daughter of Homer, or for Springfield which once thought of my father as its captor?

Lisa Simpson, The Electra Company
Oh! Take and hide our mother's corpse beneath a pall, and close her gaping wound. [turning to the corpse] Ah! Thy murderers were thine own children.

Bart Simpson, The Electra Company

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leno Human Target
Jay Leno gets the blame for yet another late night debacle.

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Morgan Spurlock's "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3D! On Ice!"
the guy who ate a bunch of hamburgers fellates the simpsons for 90 minutes

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family guy Family Guy
Peter falls off a really tall building and his life flashes before his eyes, which consists of an uninterrupted 20 minute string of short skits about pop culture.

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mccoy Locomotion
In the 15th-season finale, McCoy faces a man (Joseph Lyle Taylor) who insists on being his own defense counsel after he is charged with multiple counts of murder for causing a train derailment.

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itchy The Simpsons Movie
Homer dumps pig shit in the river.

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clever girl The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Girl defeats raptors with gymnastics.

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Nextel Cup: Coca-Cola 600
Cars spin around in a circle for a few hours.

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Another Goddamn Trilogy of Stories That Basically Amount To The Simpsons Playing Dress-Up
Continuing the trend of such fan-favorites as The Simpsons Tell Bible Stories, The Simpsons Tell Tall Tales and The Simpsons Tell Stories Involving Water, this episode deals with the Simpsons telling stories about revenge.

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In episode 3F17, Bart mentions his adventures in the 1992 video game "Bart vs. the World" as if they are canonical.

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The Simpsons is America's longest-running comedy series, if you exclude Meet the Press.

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Bort or boart is a term used in the diamond industry to refer to shards of gem-grade/quality diamonds. In the manufacturing and heavy industries, "bort" is used to describe dark, imperfectly formed/crystallized diamonds of varying levels of opacity. The lowest grade, "crushing bort", is crushed by steel mortars and used to make industrial-grade abrasive grits. Small bort crystals are used in drill bits. The Democratic Republic of the Congo provides 75% of the world supply of crushing bort.

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Smithers was black in that one episode!!! WTF!!!

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You can see Maude Flanders' boobies if you freeze-frame the part where she dies

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The distinctive "thunk-thunk" sound effect used in between scenes was created by combining close to a dozen sounds, including that of a group of monks stamping on a floor.

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The writers have been on strike since 1999.

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Apu is a clerk at the Kwik-E-Mart.

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Marge has blue hair and Homer had brown hair, which means Bart, Lisa and Maggie (who are all blond) are illegitimate.

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Nearly all the characters on the show have prominent overbites.

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Mr. Burns has continued to play a supporting role in "The Simpsons" despite having been shot in the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns"