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The Simpson's show has over hundreds of characters and they can be hard to keep track off. Here are some biographies about the characters to serve as a guide if you are new to the show or if you just need a refresher on Who's Who in Springfield town

homer simpson
Homer Simpson
Full Name: Homer Samuel Simpson
First Episode: "Good Night"
Voiced by: Dan Castalleneta

Homer S Simpson is the patriarch of the Simpsons family. He works at the Sprigfield Nuclear Power Plant as a Nuclear Technician which is pretty funny because he works at a Nuclear Power Plant and is the head of a "nuclear" family. He is 36 and enjoys donuts and eating. His catchphrases are "Doh" and "Woo-hoo". He is of the Christian religion. He has two hairs on his head and a third hair that looks like a bunch of "M"s which is also another one of his catachphrases ("MMMMM"). Homer is the star of the show. He is voiced by Dan Castalleneta except for a few episodes in season 11 where he was voiced by Hank Azaria when Dan took an extended leave of abscence.

marge simpson
Marge Simpson
Full Name: Margery Josephine Bouvier Simpson
First Episode: "Marge the Genius"
Voiced by: Julie Kavner

Marge is the mom of the simpsons except for Homer who is her husband. SHe has big blue hair that towers over everyone else because she is a domineering force. She's crazy about cleaning!!! Marge is 34 and has yellow skin and webbed toes.

bart simpson
Bart Simpson
Full Name: Bartholomew James Simpson
First Episode: "Butterfinger commercial"
Voiced by: Nancy Carthwright

If you see Bart Simpson walking toward you watch out because that boy is a tornado of trouble! He carries a slingshot and skateboard wherever he goes. Usually you can catch him at the Arcade or the Springfield Elementary School (he goes to school there) or the Homeless Shelter where he does community service. Bart is 11 and his catchphrases are "Cowabunga" and "Dont have a cow man"

lisa simpson
Lisa Simpson
Full Name: Elizabeth Marie Simpson
First Episode: "Good Night"
Voiced by: Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson is the overlooked child of the Simpsons family. She had her own comic book once but it only lasted one issue because nobody likes her. She is wise beyond her years (she is 7) and is vegetarian although she would resort to cannibalism if it became necessary. Her catchprases are "Hi everybody!!!" and "Bush hid the facts"

oj simpson
OJ Simpson
Full Name: Orenthal James Simpson aka "The Juice"
First Episode: N/A
Voiced by: Himself

OJ Simpson is not a character on The Simpsons but wouldn't it be funny if he were!!!

maggie simpson
Maggie the Baby
Full Name: Magaggie Simpson
First Episode: "Good Night"
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Maggie is the baby of the family (literally) she kinda looks like Lisa except younger. [spoiler alert] She shot Mr. Burns and J.R. [/end spoilers]Unlike the baby from Family Guy she doesn't talk. In the future she becomes a muscular lesbian. She is a stupid baby

cousin oliver
Cousin Oliver
Full Name: Oliver John Bouvier
First Episode: "And Oliver Makes Four"
Voiced by: Tress MacNeiller

Cousin Oliver is a more recent addition to the Simpson but he has just as much spunk as any Bart or Maggie! He first appeared on the scene back in 2002 when he came to live with OEC (Our Eponymous Clam a.k.a. The Simpsons) after his mom Selma dumped him on the doorstep and the show has never been the same since! His catchphrases include"Super-duper-doo!" and "golly geepers"

grampa simpson
Grampa Simpson
Full Name: Adolf Jenkins Simpson
First Episode: "Meet Grampa"
Voiced by: Dan Castalleneta

Grampa Simpson is the grandfather of Bart Lisa Maggie and Oliver. He is really old, like a hundred.

jerkass homer
Jerkass Homer
Full Name: Homer Jerk Simpson
First Episode: "Homer Goes To College"
Voiced by: Dan Castalleneta

Jerkass Homer is a little bit like Regular Homer except he is a jerk and he sucks. He yells a lot and only cares about himself. He gets into lots of wacky adventures and mischeif not to mention pain. He also whines a lot.

krusty the clown
Krusty the Clown
Full Name: Krustofski Thelonious Clownberg
First Episode: "Encounter at Fairpoint"
Voiced by: Dan Castalleneta

Krusty is a TV clown who is also Jewish. Along with Radiation Man and three-time soap box derby champion Ronnie Beck, Kristy is one of Bart's heros. He likes makin jokes and makin yuks but when the cameras turn off he becomes a bitter angry man.

mr. burns
Mr. Burns
Full Name: "I don't know"
First Episode: "Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two)"
Voiced by: Derek Smalls

Mr. Burns is Homers' boss at the Power Plant and he is a jerk. He is such a jerk that one time he blocked out the sun. Another time he tried to steal candy from a baby. That is how much of a jerk he is. His assistant is Mr. Smithers who is also a jerk but less so than Mr. Burns.

ned flanders
Ned Flanders
Full Name: Nedilly Flandiddilyanders
First Episode: "christmas episode"
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Ned Flanders is the next door neighbor of the Simpsons. He is Christian and prays to God. His wife Maude died which was quite a "maudlin" episode (get it). He annoys Homer because he is so righteous.

Milhouse Van Houten
Full Name: Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten
First Episode: "Goodnight Van Houtens"
Voiced by: Pamela hayden

Milhouse is Bart's best friend. He has had several girlfriends although he has a crush on Lisa Simpson. His favorite band is Spinal Tap. Milhouse is really nerdy. His dad is a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory

moe the bartender
Moe the Bartender
Full Name: Moesphine Syslack
First Episode: "The Moe Show"
Voiced by: Hank Azaria

Moe is the owner of Moe's Bar and also Homer's friend although not his only one Homer has lots of friends. Moe is cranky sometimes and he has bad luck. He's remodeled the bar five times but they always revert back to normal. Bart likes to prank call Moe sometimes with fake names. Moe gets agitated and sometimes tries to commits suicide but has yet to suceed.

president clinton
President Clinton
Full Name: President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton
First Episode: "I Love Lisa"
Voiced by: Multiple

President Clinton served as the 42nd President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America for two terms, spanning the years 1993 - 2001. Previously, he had served as governor for his home state of Arkansas from 1979-1981, and again from 1983 - 1993. He ran as the candidate of the Democratic Party, defeating the incumbent president, Republican George H.W. Bush. During his first term, his administration worked with the Republican-controlled Congress to balance the budget, leading to economic prosperity during his second term. In 1998, he became the second U.S. president to be impeached by the House of Representatives after allegedly lying about his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky to a grand jury.

Clinton has been satirized numerous times on The Simpsons. Perhaps his most notable appearance was in the "Citizen Kang" segment of the episode "Treehouse of Horror VII", in which space aliens Kang and Kodos kidnap both Clinton and his 1996 election opponent, Bob Dole. The segment was well-recieved, and brought a few classic lines to the Simpsons lexicon, including "Go ahead, throw your vote away!" and "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos."

Clinton's first appearance in the show was in the February 1993 episode "I Love Lisa" in which he and his wife Hillary are in the audience of Krusty the Clown's 29th Anniversary Show. Three months earlier, USA Today had erroneously reported that Clinton would be appearing in an episode "dealing with Krusty's campaign for higher office in Springfield". This plot, sans Clinton appearance, actually did occur nearly ten years later in the 2003 episode "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington," in which Krusty runs for Congress and wins.

Interestingly, multiple voice actors have provided Clinton's voice in The Simpsons: Dan Castalleneta, the late Phil Hartman (who also impersonated him on Saturday Night Live), Harry Shearer (who frequently impersonates him on his radio show Le Show) and Karl Wiedergott.

Full Name: Scratchy
First Episode: "That Happy Cat"
Voiced by: June Bellamy

Scratchy is a cartoon cat

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