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What state is the Simpsons live in?
Can you get hurt on the Holodeck?
Yes. Even when it isn't malfunctioning, the simulation can't protect you from your own stupidity. Broken ribs and arms from cliff diving and other sports practiced on the Holodeck are often seen treated in Sick Bay.
Is Barney gay?
What was the first episode?
It was the episode entitled "Pilot," first aired October 15, 1994. Here is a synopsis from TV Tome: "In the pilot episode, Alphie, Dee Dee and Melanie are supposed to be helping their parents at a carnival working the dunking booth. When Goo arrives and announces their favorite basketball player Kendall Gill is at the Comic Book Store signing autographs, the boys decide to ditch the carnival. This leaves Melanie and Jennifer to work the booth and both end up soaked. But however the Comic Book Store is packed and much to Alphie and Dee Dee's surprise their father has to interview Kendall Gill the very same day!"
However, ironically, "Pilot" was not the actual pilot episode. The pilot episode is entitled "Dee Dee's First Kiss." It has never been seen on TV and there is much speculation over what this episode is about. Some believe that this episode may have been reworked into "Dee Dee's Girlfriend."

Who are the Independents in Congress?
There are only two independents in Congress: Senator James Jeffords of Vermont and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. James Jeffords is a former Republican who turned Independent and votes with the Democrats, and Bernie Sanders is a socialist who aligns with the Democrats.
What does the cash register say when Maggie is scanned?
Like Bart's chalkboard gags, Lisa's sax solo, and the couch gags, this often changes from episode to episode. If you look closely, it says the production code of the episode.
Can people hear Stewie talk?
In the DVD audio commentary for "E. Peterbus Unum" MacFarlane states that adults can understand Stewie, but don't take him seriously, "sort of like... if a 4-year-old who [could] talk told you to fuck off." This concept is supported by the other characters often looking at him as he speaks to them, as if to acknowledge him, although paying no mind his often-ungracious addresses, such as calling Lois by her first name (although a few times over the course of the series he has referred to her as "mother"), referring to Peter as "the fat man," Brian as "dog" or on occasion "Dogbert," and Chris and Meg as simply "you there." The other characters also seem to have blocked out Stewie's odd behavior.
Who does what voice?
Why is betting for your team such a bad thing?
In a 1989 article, Gerald Posner offered this explanation:

"The possibility exists that decisions won't be made in the team's best interests, but rather because of the money riding on the game. If a manager bets on a game, he may bring a player off injured reserves sooner than he should in order to win, or he may pitch a reliever without enough rest, not caring that he won't be able to pitch for several extra days. If a betting manager gets in large debt to bookies, he can clear his account by merely revealing inside information about the team. The opportunity for corruption is greatly increased. This is not to suggest that Rose compromised the Reds in any way. The chance that such impropriety could result is the reason for such a strict taboo on betting baseball."

What is the name of...
...the comic book guy? Louis Lane
.... the guy who says "Yesssss?" Milton Gray
.... the crazy cat lady? Eleanor Rigby
.... the blue-haired lawyer? Kirk Van Houten
... the sarcastic guy who sounds like Charles Bronson? John Jay Smith
Is the show still in production?
No, and it's unknown if that will ever change. The show is quite expensive to produce, and due to its poor performance on the WB it may not look economically viable to a major network, and it would be out of the price range of a cable network like Comedy Central, where the budgets are lower than network shows. It should also be noted that most networks don't seem to have faith in prime-time animated TV shows lately, with the WB completely focusing away from it.
It is possible that if its run on the Cartoon Network is extremely popular that it would experience a revitalization.
What is the price of world peace?
Eternal vigilence
What does "OFF" stand for?
Offering For (St.) Francis
What is Joel Hodgson doing now?
After leaving the show in 1993, Joel moved to the Los Angeles area and is busy working on several TV and movie projects.
What is David's most treasured material possession?
David: "A photograph held together by cellophane tape of Little Richard that I bought in 1958, and a pressed and dried chrysanthemum picked on my honeymoon in Kyoto."
This photograph was used as the basis of David's artwork for the 2000 Secret Exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London.
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