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A Simpsons parody of the Disney castle logo.
As the Walt Disney Company continues to celebrate its 100th anniversary, let us consult the tea leaves and try to speculate just what the entertainment conglomerate wants to do with The Simpsons. More »

Homer strangles Bart while Scoey and Bob Iger look on, and the Australian guy looks at his phone bill.
Stranglegate, Super7, Hulu, and dollaridoos. More »

An image of Rupert Murdoch at Moe's Tavern sitting next to Homer and Marge.
Media mogul and two-time Simpsons voice actor Rupert Murdoch has stepped down as chairman of both Fox Corporation, which owns the Fox broadcast network, and News Corporation. More »

A promotional image of the Simpsons in front of a donut-pattern background.
The Simpsons is a television institution that has been on the air for a very long time. Specifically, since 1989. This December it will have been on for 34 years. Have you ever wondered how old The Simpsons would be if it started in 1923? More »

An image of the Simpsons and Apu from one of the video games running in the speedforce.
Could a 24/7 Simpsons channel become a reality? More »

An image of Jonesy from Fortnite looking surprised at Futurama characters. Behind him is an image of Matt Groening's head in a jar, surrounded by question marks. Fortnite recently announced a collaboration with Futurama: Fry, Leela, and Bender are purchasable characters, with other stuff inspired by the show also available in the game. However, there's one thing missing: creator Matt Groening's signature. More »

An image of of people sitting in a movie theater. A woman in the foreground has a finger lifted to her mouth to shush the other moviegoers.
As Marvel fans are surely aware, post-credit scenes have become increasingly common in movies and TV shows over the past decade. These short clips, or "tags," appear after the end credits and usually tease a future plot development or provide an extra laugh. The Simpsons is no exception to this trend, although newer viewers may need an explanation. More »

A picture of Moe from The Simpsons carrying a picket sign that says Bring Back Wagon Train.
Well, folks, after decades on the air, it looks like they finally stopped making The SimpsonsMore »

The classic Friendship Ended With Mudasir meme modified so it's about Hari and Hank. It now reads Friendship Ended With Apu, Now Hari is my friend. Two men shake hands while images of Apu are crudely crossed out.
Indian American comedian Hari Kondabolu, whose little TV documentary about the Simpsons character Apu caused a wee bit of controversy back in 2017, finally got to have a chat with voice actor Hank Azaria in a joint interview aired on NPR Wednesday. More »

An image of Mario reporting the news.
Yee-haw, I’ve rounded up another batch of minor Simpsons news and other small findings from across the web. More »

A political cartoon of Bill Oakley looking at a calendar and discovering that the year is 1984.
Former Simpsons producer and fast food expert Bill Oakley was unjustly suspended from Twitter Monday, joining the legions of American patriots who have had their free speech curtailed by unaccountable Silicon Valley overlords. More »

Fox News has long been a profitable enterprise, but times are changeling. More »

An image of the Simpsons
Fox is reviving The Simpsons from Gracie Films and 20th Television Animation for two additional seasons, with creator Matt Groening and executive producer James L. Brooks set to return, as well as the original cast. More »

Simpsons Statue Stolen???

A photo of a Simpsons statue outside The Simpsons Ride.
A statue outside The Simpsons Ride has been removed. What's going on??? More »

An image of various historical figures in front of a collage of Simpsons episodes. The dead speak! Have you ever wondered what Walt Disney, Tupac Shakur, or Cleopatra would think about The Simpsons? Well, wonder no more! More »

An image of Mike Scioscia from the Simpsons episode Homer at the Bat. For many years The Simpsons has delighted the world, and also too has baseball legend Mike Scioscia, so when those two join forces you know you're in for a good time. After deliberating for hours, all of us here at IN THE NEWS have determined the definitive ranking of all Simpsons episodes featuring Mike Scioscia as a guest star. More »

A tribute card in memory of Chris Ledesma
Chris Ledesma, who served as music editor of The Simpsons for decades, has died at the age of 64. More »

The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in 'Feliz Navidad' Key Art
I asked a chatbot to review the latest Simpsons short. More »

An image of two masked hackers from the Simpsons episode Lisa the Boy Scout. Simpsons showrunner Al Jean’s Twitter account was hijacked last night by a nefarious cyberscoundrel or perhaps a rogue nation-state. More »

An image of David Zaslav dressed as Thanos, erasing the Simpsons from existence.

It seems not even The Simpsons is safe from Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav's tyrannical purge of animated content. More »

al jean
Simpsons fans hoping for a big announcement had their dreams dashed by a lackluster panel. More »