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An image of Bob's Fraud Log. The dead have risen, and they're voting Republican... or are they? Pennsylvanian patriot Bruce Bartman got in trouble, yeah, pretty deep, for the simple crime of committing voter fraud by impersonating his dead mother so he could vote for President Trump twice, an act which should henceforth be known as "doing the Bartman." More »

A mashup image of The Simpsons: Bug Squad!
Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t the only unfinished game with bugs in it!!!!!! More »

An image from Simpsons Comics #102. Boo-hoo-oo! Disney has officially announced a beloved animated series will be coming to an end next year. More »

joe biden
Simpsons staffers may soon rue the day Biden staggers across the finish line once they realize they could be locked out of the Emmy Awards for another presidential term. More »

Disenchantment creator Matt Groening appears to have quietly launched a YouTube channel last night. More »

An image of Donald Trump surrounded by Simpsons characters who definitely voted for him.
As you may have heard, there is an election going on right now. Across social media, people are speculating which TV characters voted for President Trump. As a person with both an extensive knowledge of The Simpsons and a degree in Wonk Science, I am uniquely suited to set the record straight on which Simpsons characters definitely, absolutely voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. More »

October 5, 2020

Meme Memo for Q4 2020

Our expert analysis of the meme market. More »

Welcome to the world of Tomorrowland!
Could Fry, Leela, Bender and the rest of the Planet Express gang be making a move from New New York City to Tomorrowland? More »

The Simpsons may grab headlines for predicting future events, but its sister series is certainly no slouch in the prognostication department either. More »

HERE's the beef!!!
The writer of "Steamed Hams" must have felt pretty steamed himself when he ate a nugget and discovered it didn't taste very good. More »

al jean
A quick review of Mike Reiss's book. More »

Mystery boss
Homer Simpson is one of the most iconic TV dads of the 20th century, if not all time. His buffoonish antics have delighted audiences around the globe for decades. But do you know the name of the man who employs him? More »

The Simpsons
Here's 11 facts about the The Simpsons, none of which will surprise you in the slightest. More »

watercolorHow did Simpsons creator Matt Groening get to be so rich and successful? Well, it turns out he had a trick up his sleeve... a time-traveling trick!!! More »

al jean
Al Jean, the guy who's been in charge of The Simpsons for the past thirteen seasons, told a radio interviewer he is looking for someone else to take over his duties. More »

16 June 2015

The Simpsons Is Ending

In a highly unexpected move, The Simpsons is ending... its business relationship with comiXology. More »

Negotiations with Harry Shearer appear to have hit a wee bit of a snag, as the longtime Simpsons cast member has apparently announced he's leaving the show. More »