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An image of the Simpsons
Fox is reviving The Simpsons from Gracie Films and 20th Television Animation for two additional seasons, with creator Matt Groening and executive producer James L. Brooks set to return, as well as the original cast. More »

Simpsons Statue Stolen???

A photo of a Simpsons statue outside The Simpsons Ride.
A statue outside The Simpsons Ride has been removed. What's going on??? More »

An image of various historical figures in front of a collage of Simpsons episodes. The dead speak! Have you ever wondered what Walt Disney, Tupac Shakur, or Cleopatra would think about The Simpsons? Well, wonder no more! More »

An image of Mike Scioscia from the Simpsons episode Homer at the Bat. For many years The Simpsons has delighted the world, and also too has baseball legend Mike Scioscia, so when those two join forces you know you're in for a good time. After deliberating for hours, all of us here at IN THE NEWS have determined the definitive ranking of all Simpsons episodes featuring Mike Scioscia as a guest star. More »

A tribute card in memory of Chris Ledesma
Chris Ledesma, who served as music editor of The Simpsons for decades, has died at the age of 64. More »

The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in 'Feliz Navidad' Key Art
I asked a chatbot to review the latest Simpsons short. More »

An image of two masked hackers from the Simpsons episode Lisa the Boy Scout. Simpsons showrunner Al Jean’s Twitter account was hijacked last night by a nefarious cyberscoundrel or perhaps a rogue nation-state. More »

An image of David Zaslav dressed as Thanos, erasing the Simpsons from existence.

It seems not even The Simpsons is safe from Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav's tyrannical purge of animated content. More »

al jean
Simpsons fans hoping for a big announcement had their dreams dashed by a lackluster panel. More »

Biden Harris
Simpsons writer Broti Gupta, who joined the show last year, was hounded on Twitter for insufficient loyalty to Vice President Kamala Harris. More »

An image of Mike Reiss displaying a Minions movie in front of three shadowy figures.
With Minions: The Rise of Gru setting box office records "to infinity and beyond,"" it’s clear that moviegoers the world over are still under the grip of Minion Madness. But just who named those wretched pill-shaped yellow creatures? More »

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer recently tweeted what is perhaps the most deranged, Boomer-brained take on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade. More »

A collage of random Simpsons-related pictures.
A roundup of Simpsons-related news items from all over yonder. More »

An image of Lisa Simpson with Billie Eilish. Hello Search Engine user, are you wondering "where can I watch the latest The Simpsons short on Disney+?" Well we will tell you where to watch the latest Simpsons short on Disney+, right here, in this article, after some unnecessary paragraphs to pad out the length. More »

An image of Homer Simpson cheering in front of The House of Disney+.
In a huge shakeup for the entertainment industry, a popular, long-running series is leaving network television after 30 seasons on the air and becoming a Disney+ exclusive. More »

An image of Bob Chapek with Simpsons producers behind him in the background.
Simpsons producers deny making fun of Bob Chapek. More »

Here's everything we know about the highly-anticipated sequel to 2007's The Simpsons Movie. More »

An image of Farrah Fawcett on The Simpsons.
The Simpsons has made thousands of incorrect predictions about the future, including the late Charlie's Angels star still being alive in the year 2034. More »

An image of Homer Simpson cheering in front of The House of Disney+.
Disney+ will finally give users the option to watch The Simpsons as it was originally meant to be shown: with commercials. More »

A collage of random Simpsons-related pictures.Alf Clausen, Scrat from Ice Age, Freedom Convoy, and The Simpsons Ride.