The Simpsons Movie (2007)

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A top secret source over at Film Roman just sent us these EXCLUSIVE, never-before-seen storyboards of some rather climactic scenes! For those of you unfamiliar with animation lingo, Wikipedia defines a film storyboard as "essentially a large comic of the film." If these storyboards are any indication, we're in for a treat!
Wondering who or what the top secret character in an upcoming Simpsons Movie toy is?

Well, wonder no more! Thanks to a goof-up over at FAO Schwartz, the "top secret character" has been revealed! Just scroll down to see!

It's the Amendment-To-Be from "The Day The Violence Died!"

An inside source over at Gracie Films has provided us with this hithero-unseen framegrab from the Simpsons Movie!

As you can plainly see, they're going with CGI backgrounds (boy do they look great) and more realistic-looking characters (just check out Lisa!). We'll be sure to bring you more exclusives as they occur!

plot outline

Here is what we have managed to piece together from the trailers released thus far, test screening reports, secret sources at Film Roman, and a discarded script we found in a dumpster:
The family vacations in Alaska, where Homer partakes in a dog-sledding race. When they come back to Springfield, Professor Frink invents a device that removes peoples clothes and he tests it on bart (That's why bart is skateboarding naked in that one part) The clothes removing device takes up so much power that Mr. Burns decides to cut off the towns supply of power. Fearing for Barts soul, Ned Flanders decides to take him in but The Simpsons don't know that so they replace him with a pig. Bart is mad so he decides to steal the pig during church. Trying to woo back Bart, Homer buys a motorcycle but the motorcycle belongs to the president and all these government helicopters start tracking down the Simpsons. Also Mayor Quimby constructs a huge wall to keep out mexicans. God talks to the simpsons and He tells Homer to fill a silo full of pig crap and homer dumps it in the water. Actually God told him to build an ark but he misheard him. When the town finds out they hang homer. Lisa gets a boyfriend.


Here is a selection of reviews people have e-mailed us from test screenings:
Hey! "TarantinoFan#1" here with an exclusive f****** review of The Simpson Movie!

Iwas lucky enough to see it at the Portland test screening. Alright, first things first: is it funny? You bet your sweet a** it's funny! The whole f***ing theater was rolling in the g*d*** aisles from laughing tomuch!

Anyway they made us sign this big ol contract forbidding us from talking about the plot... so I cant say anything specific, f***** pigs. But let me tell, it's f***** awesome times ten. F*** that, times eleven. It's that epic.

Yeah, that Newsweek article is true - you do get to see Bart's d***. The whole f***** audience gasped at that that part, buncha f****** p******. I wouldn't have minded seeing a little bit more of Marge though, if you know what I mean. Please don't post that last part on your website

Maybe its because im still pumped from grindhouse and 300, but i thought the itchy and scratchy cartoon wasnt as violent as it could have been. I want some f****** gore, dawg!

My only complaint is that that lisa b**** got way too much screentime! I want more Homer, and more violence! I hope the Simpson people read my comment card. Anyways, peace out

Hey what's up "Random Task" here with a review of the upcoming "Simpsons" movie. I can sum up the movie in three words: lame, lame lame. Now, now, I know what you're thinking. But hear me out.

First of all, it basically felt like 3 episodes stitched together. Which by itself isn't a bad thing, but movies are supposed to have flow. After an excruciatingly long first act that rehashes all the usual family antics, Stewie finds a man on TV that bears such a resemblance to his own uniquely football-shaped head that it spawns the hope that the mystery man, and not the dimwit Peter (also voiced by McFarlane), may be his actual father. He embarks on a cross-country journey with family dog, Brian (McFarlane) and local letch, Quagmire (McFarlane), to find him. This second act is the most on-target with humor. The jokes come fast and furiously out of the part of McFarlane's brain that comes up with the most random associations and bizarre situations one could imagine. Once they catch up with the mystery man, there is a fun twist as to his relation to Stewie, but the proceedings slow down again until the frantic last few minutes.

The finale includes a direct tribute to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", which is fun, but as it stretches on, it simultaneously shows that they are having a difficult time keeping enough material to call it a "movie" release. The style of humor is consistent with any episode, and it seems that McFarlane is still the driving force behind the show. However, this kind of humor works best in rapid-fire or hit-and-run doses, and here everything is dragged out, like a telescoped punch. This feels like a single episode overextended, and one can almost imagine the studio execs looking over the writers' shoulders and saying, "Make it 90 minutes! More! Longer! More! Longer! More!" Of course, that's just speculation.

Final score: 4 out of 10


memorable quote

The pig of the spider, pig of the spider, does what a pig does of the spider.

Homer Simpson, The Simpson's Movie

basic information

Directed by
Brad Bird

Produced by
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon
David X. Cohen
Dick Wolf

Written by
Stephen King
John Swartzwelder
George Meyer
Conan O'Brien
Jonathan Franzen

Running time
30 minutes

MPAA Rating

Release date
July 7, 2007


Distributed by
Pixar Animation Studios

confirmed cast

Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson, Homer Simpson as Poochie as The Fonz, Krusty the Clown, Barney Gumble, Grampa Simpson, Mayor Quimby, Teen Homer, Coffee Shop Man, Al Gore, Stockbroker Bum, Big City Hick, Galacticus, Radioactive Man, Itchy, Robot in Human Suit, Tony Hawk's Dad, Scary Voice, Insignificant Ant, Shrek, and Lard Lad

Julie Kavner
as Marge Simpson and Selma Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright
as Lisa Simpson

Yeardley Smith
as Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, and Nelson Muntz

Hank Azaria
as Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Chief Wiggum, Moe Szyslak, Comic Book Man, Professor Frink, Cletus, Dr. Nick, Superintendant Chalmers, Sausage Truck Driver, Blue-Collar Slob, Yuppie Scum, Hipster Muppet, Taco Bell Chihuahua, Antonin Scalia, Mario, McGarnigle, Teen Cletus, Scary Clown Bed, Dirty-Faced Vagrant at Party, and himself

Harry Shearer
as Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, Lenny, Dr. Hibbert, Judge Snyder, Dr. Marvin Monroe, Clarence Thomas, Baby Tom Brokaw, God, Scratchy, Sideshow Hal, Guardian of Forever, Krunk Lawyer, Nigel Tufnel, Ronald Reagan, Bonejacker, Pizza Demon, and Older Bort

Pamela Hayden
as Milhouse, Jimbo Jones, and Younger Bort

Maggie Roswell
as Maggie Simpson and BortMom

Russi Taylor
as Martin Prince

Tress MacNeille
as Generic Old Lady Voice, Generic Business­woman Voice, and Generic Small Child Voice From Every Cartoon Ever

Marcia Wallace
as Mrs. Krabappel

Karl Weidergott
as Carl

Frank Welker
as Santa's Little Helper, Snowball II, Spiderpig, and V'ger

Kelsey Grammer
as Sideshow Bob

Doris Grau
as Lunchlady Doris

Phil Hartman
as Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz

Joe Mantegna
as Fat Tony and Marge's father

Billy West
as Fry

Erin Brokovitch
as herself

Albert Brooks
as Hank Scorpio

Danny DeVito
as Herb Powell and Bread Goblin

Minnie Driver
as Grievance Counseler

Will Ferrell
as Jack Black

Isla Fisher
as Patty Bouvier

Mel Gibson
as Old Jewish Man

Green Day
as Blink-182

Emilio Estevez
as Paradox Clone Homer

Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Rainier Wolfcastle

Meryl Streep
as Jessica Lovejoy

Tom Waits
as Dr. Marvin Monroe (singing)

President George W. Bush
as himself


Continuity: Smithers is black throughout the film.

Errors in geography: There are no states that are bordered by Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The characters all have four fingers.

Anachronism: The film is set in 2007, but Bart is the same age he was in 1989.

Factual errors: God does not exist.

Continuity: When Homer meets with the governor of Alaska, her position on the Bridge to Nowhere changes from shot to shot.

Plot hole: There is no way the Simpsons' house could have fallen into the sinkhole without it being an inside job.

Factual errors: Spiderpig is not a spider.

Anachronism: It is chronologically impossible for Mr. Burns to be Mrs. Krabappel's son.

Crew or equipment visible: An animator's hand is visible during the Milhouse montage.

Continuity: The dome is gone when the Simpsons return to Springfield.

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» The movie was originally supposed to be filmed in live-action, but they just couldn't get Marge's hair to look right.

» To prevent leaks during production, producers used the fake title "The The Simpsons Movie."

» The script went through 1 draft.

» To save money, the second half of the film is comprised of footage from the series.

» George W. Bush's dialogue was originally intended for George H.W. Bush, as the movie was written in 1991.

» The Simpsons Movie is the first animated film to utilize computers.

» Stanley Kubrick, a self-avowed "Simpsons nut," was slated to direct the film, but his untimely death in 1999 prevented him from doing so.

» As part of the marketing campaign for the film, 12 Chuck E. Cheese's locations across the country were rebranded as Wall E. Weasel's.

» Marge does not speak until the end credits.

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