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Lisa Simpson is the Top 7th Geek Girl of All Time

Hey girls, it's okay to a geek! Just look at the many upstanding role models such as Ada Byron, Marie Curie, and.... a fictional character?!? [CNET]


Oh, that Simpson. Sorry, false alarm. [Yahoo! News]

The Blogosphere Versus The Simpsons

Some conservative bloggers were outraged at a recent episode that supposedly made fun of the US military! Could the show that gave them their beloved war chant "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" actually hate America??

The Corner:

Yesterday's episode wasn't just unfunny, it was very poorly animated - a 1970s Hanna-Barbera-level of crudeness. The sequence in which Lenny's car was crushed looked like it had been drawn by a 10 year-old trying to draw The Simpsons. I can only assume they're devoting all their time and effort to the movie.

As for BSG, I agree with Jonah's long-trusted reader and had exactly the same argument, err, discussion with my wife during the episode. Far more fun was Doctor Who in the hour beforehand, which involved Rose berating a pompous psuedo-patriot for not knowing how to fly the Union Flag and also included an interesting nod to the realization that families need fathers at the end...

Michelle Malkin:

I got tons of e-mail about the military-bashing Simpsons episode last night. Here's a bit of the video if you haven't seen it and want to get in a bad mood. The mockery of Army recruiters and enlistees is absolutely disgusting. This comes on the heels of last week's election-timed episode mocking the Iraq war.

The show is getting long in the tooth and low on funny. Don't bother with it.

Keep on fighting the good fight [alicublog]

Alan Moore To Guest Star

Comics legend Alan Moore will be playing the role of the hitherto unseen "Uncle Gareth," a creepy uncle who will take Bart aside during a family reunion to show him some disturbing x-rated drawings of Wendy from Peter Pan, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. [Northants News]

Simpsons Movie Trailer To Air Sunday

In a break from tradition, Fox will be showing a commercial after or during The Simpsons. Here's a preview of the preview [Animation Magazine]

Simpsons Movie Is Serious Business

Once the cast records their lines, the script pages get shredded to preserve secrecy.

Yeah ok ["Watercooler Stories"]