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Sam Simon "Is Not A Man of His Word," Says Insane Woman

Ivy Supersonic, who according to Wikipedia is "a New York fashion designer, entertainer, publicist, promoter, event planner, and animated character designer," sent out a press release claiming that former Simpsons producer Sam Simon helped steal her idea for the squirrel thing from the Ice Age movies and tried to blackmail her into starring as his wife in a TV show (????):

"Sam Simon is not a man of his word -- he is a man of many words that do not hold true. He said Howard Stern asked him to be a writer on the show," Supersonic said. "He was considering it but said he would not do it unless I had a starring role as his wife. I was blown away when Ice Age 2 hit the theaters. Simon's partner and writer Matt Groening, was one of the writers on Ice Age 2, released by 20th Century Fox. Sam Simon's Simpson cartoon short premiered in front of Ice Age 2. There is nothing more I hate than someone who is dishonest to land me in the sac. I am more than outraged, I am eternally livid!" Supersonic says angrily.
[Ivy Supersonic press release]

New Trailer for Homer in Pain: The Movie

Check out the new Russian trailer for Homer in Pain: The Movie, featuring 2 hours of everybody's favorite punching bag Homer Simpson getting himself hurt in wacky and zany ways! That's not the correct way to hammer, you idiot!!!! [Simpsons Channel]