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Reel Reams 'Railer

But with [South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut], we had an R-Rated version of a show not yet in its prime held back by censors; with The Simpsons Movie, we have a longer, PG-13 episode of a show that hasn't been funny in ages. Great. I'm so excited.
burnsauce[The Daily Reel]

Dana Gould Wants You To Throw Out Your Simpsons DVDs

Gould: I don't want to be standing at the Pearly Gates explaining why I spent my life watching DVDs of sitcoms I'd already seen. I mean, really ... do something else. Fold up old paper bags. Make a puppet. Dress like an angel and convince a wino that he's died. Something constructive.
Does his boss Matt Groening know about this??? [City Paper]

EXCLUSIVE: Movie Framegrab!

An inside source at Gracie Films has provided us with a top-secret framegrab of a scene from The Simpsons Movie. Click here for the inside scoop!!!

Itchy, But Not Scratchy In Simpsons Movie???

In the latest Simpsons Movie trailer, the announcer mentions Itchy while listing a multitude of characters, but curiously omits Scratchy. Could this be confirmation that the feline star of "That Happy Cat" won't be appearing in the movie??? Developing... [Apple Movie Trailers]

Gabor Csupo: The Unsung Co-Creator

Sure, Matt Groening might have his name emblazoned on every piece of Simpsons art and merchandise, but what about the other creators, such as Gabor Csupo, former supervising animation director?

Christy Lemire sets the record straight in her review of Bridge to Terabithia:

Killer birds and giant squirrels and menacing trees come out of nowhere and dart about in this live-action feature debut from Hungarian animation artist Gabor Csupo, who helped create "The Simpsons."

Csupo is a pretty accomplished guy in his own right - he's one of the two founders of successful animation company Klasky-Csupo, which produced the mega-popular Rugrats. So why is his Simpsons connection still being emphasized? [The Brunswick News]

Barack Obama To Announce Plans in Springfield

Even some of Springfield's biggest fans admit that Americans know little about the city beyond its Lincoln connections. If they have any impression, it's probably of a pleasant, nondescript midwestern city.

"It's Every Place," said Curtis Mann, manager of the local library's Sangamon Valley Collection.

[Associated Press]

Al Jean: "I Think The Last Couple Years Have Been Among Our Best"

You know those episodes I executive produced? Yeah, they're some of the best ones ever. Not really that surprising if you think about it. I'm pretty much the King Midas of the show. I know it looks like I'm bragging but I'm actually being quite modest here. [IGN]

Lester and Eliza in Simpsons Movie???

Yes, according to some random guy on the internet. Here's a made-up quote purportedly from Matt Groening:

Die hard fans may get a long overdue recurring gag. Remember the episode where Lester and Eliza saved the day instead of Bart and Lisa? That was disturbing, and I personally expected them to come back and wreak more havoc. A decade later, we may finally get closure. "I think we put them in The Simpsons movie. They were in one draft. I'm not sure if they survive."
[Rotten Tomatoes]


3/8/2007 UPDATE: I guess the quote wasn't made up! You can see it here in this interview with Crave Online.