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Church of England Reaches Out To The Young People

Are you a young person? Do you enjoy The Simpsons? If so, you arethe target demographic for the Church of England's latest attempt to show they're "hip" and "with it."

Called "Mixing it up with 'The Simpsons,'" the new book will be sent to youth advisers across the nation to give them a modern example of the church's teachings in a more entertaining format, The Sunday Telegraph said.

Among the activities included in the book is determining whether teens can resist temptation by showing them a plate of doughnuts labeled "don't touch."

The book also compares Christians' patient wait for the return of Jesus Christ to the antsy nature Bart Simpson displays toward an upcoming Krusty the Clown show.

"Jesus was a great storyteller -- as are the creators of 'The Simpsons' -- and the power of a good story lies in meeting people where they are, making them laugh and then giving them something to think about afterwards," said the Rev. John Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford.

Come on, isn't Matt Groening's ego big enough?? [The Money Times]

EXCLUSIVE: Movie Storyboards!

We've received some exclusive, never-before-seen storyboards of The Simpsons Movie from a top-secret source over at Film Roman!!! Check 'em out!!!

rubbercat.net/simpsons Nominated In Choice 07 Awards

rubbercat.net/simpsons is nominated in three categories over at Simpsons Zip's Choice 07 Awards for "Choice Website," "Choice Section" and "Choice Support." Check it out and vote for rubbercat.net/simpsons. Or don't. Whatever. See if I care. [Simpsons Zip]

Citizens of Springfield, Massachusetts: Not Assholes

Unlike those Springfield, Minnesota jerks, the citizens of Springfield, Massachusetts went all out in a bid to host the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie.

The yo-yo expert arrived first, followed by two men in one-piece orange suits and Halloween masks and three boys rolling in on skateboards like Bart Simpson in the opening credits of "The Simpsons" television show.

Then came the pooch de resistance for yesterday's grand finale of the city's Simpson video - a mixed-breed yellow dog that might be the deciding factor needed to push Springfield into the winner's circle.

The city is one of more than a dozen Springfields across the country competing to become the site of the premiere of "The Simpsons Movie" based on the Fox cartoon about a fictional Springfield and due to be released on July 26.

Here's a photo gallery. Godspeed, Springfield, Mass.! [The Republican]

Disney Animators Are Jerks

Disney animators are inflexible jerks who can't adapt to different drawing styles. Get out of the way of the progress train, you dinosaurs! CGI is here to stay! [No Homers Club]

Homer Named One of "Five Greatest TV Dads"

Those knuckleheads over at TV Squad seem to think strangling your 10-year old son makes you a great father. Aye carumba! [TV Squad]

The Simpsons Has Made Over Five Billion Dollars

Better invest in News Corp. stock now!

Featuring arguably the most popular sitcom family in history, "The Simpsons" revolutionized not only the TV industry but also the TV licensing biz, with a wealth of quirky characters that have translated into a multibillion-dollar merchandising franchise.

To date, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and their Springfield neighbors have appeared on everything from T's to pinball machines, raking in more than $5 billion worldwide. All told, the program involves more than 600 licensees.


Cornell University Using Made-Up Words From The Simpsons In Research Papers

It turns out a noble spirit embiggens the smallest anti-D3, whatever that is. [kottke.org]

Simpsons Perv Put In Charge Of Olympics Logo

It appears one of the pervs who make erotic Simpsons fanart and ruined Google Image Search for everyone was put in charge of designing the logo for the 2012 Summer Olympics, because how else to explain this? Oh sure it's supposed to be "2012," rendered in an abstract style reminiscent of early-80's LA New Wave, but doesn't it look like something... unseemly... that will be impossible to unsee once you've seen it?

Quoth LAist:

Hell, the very first comment on Londonist acknowledged that yep that's Lil Lisa doing something that doesn't seem like something a vegetarian would do unless she's planning on spitting it out.
I think it's time for Izzy to come out of retirement. [LAist]

Movie Already Losing Awards

The Simpsons Movie lost out to a Michael Bay movie based on a cartoon from the 1980s designed to sell toys in a worthless category ("Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet") at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards. [No Homers Club]

Citizens of Springfield, Minnesota: Assholes

Springfield, Minnesota is not participating in the contest to be the Springfield chosen to host the premiere of The Simpsons Movie because those pompous elitists think they're too good to make a silly video and showcase a cartoon movie.

Meanwhile, a comedian is in the running to become the state's next junior senator. [TV Squad]

Could Phil Hartman Return From The Dead???

Could the late, great Phil Hartman be revived to reprise his characters in an upcoming Simpsons video game? It's possible, say the intrepid reporters over at Joystiq.com:

EA even said that it could go back to old shows to pull dialogue; while the company didn't confirm any specific plans to do so, this method could bring Phil Hartman's old stable of characters into the game.
On a related note, Hartman's introductory dialogue in Virtual Springfield is some of my favorite Troy McClure material: "Welcome to Springfield, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such computer travel guides as [randomized joke] and [randomized joke]. You know, the great Calvin Coolidge once called this town 'a pea-size town with lima bean size dreams.' So warm up your clicking fingers, and let's explore a town the poets call Springfield, U.S.A.! *coughs, then walks offscreen*" (Paraphrased from memory. Thanks for nothing, internet). [Joystiq]

Simpsons Movie One Week From Completion, Animators To Be Put Out Of Work

The Simpsons Movie staffers are pretty much in their final days on the Yellow Family picture. I got lots of questions from artists about other work around town ("When is 'Princess and the Frog' going to start hiring? Anymore hand-drawn projects out there?")

Hello? 2-D animator looking for work? I went to CalArts... Is anyone out there? Hello...? [TAG Blog]