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Homer To Get Colonoscopy

According to The New York Post, Homer is going to undergo a colonoscopy this season. Actually, it's not going to be part of the long-running FOX show, it's going to be part of the multi-network cancer benefit on September 5 titled Stand Up To Cancer. The Post even quotes a line from the segment that already has me laughing, from Marge: "There's his wedding band! He told me he was having it polished!"



[TV Squad]

Huell Howser Calls Producers With List Of Demands

Huell Howser is a big-time TV guy who was parodied in the gay marriage episode (the guy at the beginning who falls off a turnip truck). Upon finding about the parody, he did the following:

I got into the office the next morning and called Matt Groening and said, 'This is Huell Howser,' and there was this quiet on the other end of the phone because I knew he thought I was upset. I said, 'If you're going to do a parody of me, I could use the money and the exposure. If you're gonna continue, just let me be my own voice next time.

It is unknown if Howser had any hostages at the time. [Pasadena Weekly]