BREAKING: Simpsons Renewed Through Season 280

future crowd
In an unprecedented move, The Fox Network has renewed the The Simpsons for 254 additional seasons, ensuring America's Favorite Family will be delighting audiences for centuries to come.

According to a press release, the renewal includes funding for a program codenamed Virtua Script, which developers boast will dramatically cut down on production costs by automating scripts. The program is part of long-term plan for the show to become fully automized by 2041, and achieve sentience soon thereafter.

"I could not be happier about this renewal," tweeted showrunner Al Jean, who said he plans to upload his consciousness to the machines as soon as it is technologically feasible.

Season 26 Preview: All Putin, All The Time

crimea billboard
There's a big change in store for next season of The Simpsons: nothing but Vladimir Putin jokes! Ukranian and Russian media outlets have obtained an EXCLUSIVE preview clip, and it looks like all future jokes will be replaced with zingers at the Russian president's expense.

Washington Post:

This simple online video has been picked up by a number of outlets in the region. One major Ukrainian television channel picked it up, though one of Ukraine's largest Web sites noted that it hadn't been able to confirm its authenticity yet. The Post reached out to Fox Television, which said that this clip had been doctored. No, Bart Simpson did not call Putin a "huylo," and no, there is no Crimea billboard in Springfield.

Creator Matt Groening, who has Russian ancestry, is believed to be the mastermind behind the switch. No word yet on how Western audiences will react to the show's newfound focus on Eastern European politics.

NONEXCLUSIVE: Leaked Season 25 Memo Obtained!!!

Jay Westcott/POLITICO

While America was distracted by all the news about the fiscal cliff and the deficit rag, a shifty scenester scoopster broke into Fox TV Headquarters and burgled the whole dang place, stealing Gordon Ramsay's collection of Taco Bell hot sauces,New Girl's wig, and yet another top-secret memo outlining a bunch of future Simpsons episodes for the upcoming world record 25th season, which the shifty scenester sneakthief gave to us for a low fee. Check out the NONEXCLUSIVE memo below:

EXCLUSIVE: Yet Even More Leaked Season 24 Plotlines!!

brand new episode*spins around in chair to face reader* Oh, hello! I just got off the telegraph with a trusted, completely anonymous tipster, who resides at 271 Orange Grove Ave. in Burbank, CA, who has once again risked life and limb to bring us more EXCLUSIVE Simpsons tidbits that the shiftless layabouts at Entertainment Weekly still haven't gotten their grubby meathooks on yet. Below, please find enclosed four exclusive, never-before-seen episode synopsi, reprinted in their entirety...

EXCLUSIVE: Season 24 Plotlines Leaked!

It seems a crafty teen tipster has managed to get ahold of a TOP-SECRET memo outlining the plotlines for the upcoming world-record 24th season of The Simpsons, purloined directly from the writers' room at FOX Studios! We've got the full memo after the jump.

Dana Gould Not A Murderer After All

dana gouldIN THE NEWS is happy to report that comedian and former Simpsons writer Dana Gould is not a murderer.

Here's the deal: a while ago I learned from Wikipedia that Gould had used the pseudonym "Lawrence Talbot" for a Simpsons episode he'd written, Goo Goo Gai Pan, wherein the Simpsons go to China to help Aunt Selma adopt a baby. Curious about this intriguing bit of trivia, I decided to ask him about it in what I hoped was a friendly, professional e-mail:

dear mr. gould

i have a press inquiry: why did u use a pseudonym for the simpsons episode "goo goo gai pan"? or is wikipedia got it's facts wrong.


urs in christ,


Alas, a few weeks passed and there was no response from Mr. Gould. Naturally, I assumed he was attempting to dodge the question because he was hiding something nefarious, hoping the scandal would blow over before it even started. Well, I wasn't going to give up so easily. Undaunted, I e-mailed him again a couple times, but each time I was rebuffed with his stonewalling silence. That's when things got personal. How dare this Hollywood Liberal refuse to answer questions from the press! How could he so callously disregard my joke Simpsons fansite as anything less than legitimate? But I didn't let my emotions compromise my professional integrity, no sir. I knew that as a member of the vaunted Fourth Estate, my responsibility was to shake out The Truth by any means necessary. So, I decided to take the upper hand in this escalating cat-and-mouse game between reporter and subject. and play a little hardball. Utilizing a journalism strategy I learned from an imaginary book, I took the story public and spread some venomous allegations about Mr. Gould, speculating perhaps he had "murdered a teenage girl" or "shot up an entire orphanage" and was hiding behind a phony name to escape culpability for his crimes. In short, I hoped to force his hand and get him to respond. Here's the original post about it, as I reported at the time.

EXCLUSIVE: Simpsons Drama Bombshell! Matt Groening Returns to Show With MAJOR Changes in Store; All Secondary Characters To Be Killed Off?!?!

!!!!!True Simpsons maniacs know that the show's reclusive creator, Matt Groening, hasn't been a part of the show since 1999, when he retreated to a yurt in central Oregon and cut off all ties with the outside world in a self-imposed exile. Well, apparently the Groenster has returned to the show, and he's been making some MAJOR, DRASTIC CHANGES that will be hitting your TV screens in 2012.

I just received this e-mail from an anonymous Simpsons employee, literally less than 4 seconds ago. This brave insider has put his or her career on the line by breaking the terms of his or her non-disclosure agreement to tell us this EXCLUSIVE tale of behind-the-scenes turbulence and tyranny. I am republishing hir message in its entirety because it has to be seen to be believed...


BART SIMSON YUGOSLAVThe Twittersphere was in a tizzy today when a series of Tweets from @BARTSIMSON_REAL appeared to indicate the popular Twitter account had been compromised.

For those who don't know, @BARTSIMSON_REAL aka "BART SIMSON YUGOSLAV" is the official Twitter account for Bart Simpson, who is real and Yugoslavian. Launched less than a month ago, the account has already gained over 3,000 followers and a writeup in the mainstream media (I'm also hearing rumors a book deal may be in the works). His Tweets have captivated the world and regularly burn up the retweet charts. A sampling of his output, for the uninitiated...

EXCLUSIVE: Season 23 Preview!!!!!!!

We have a saying over here in the news-media industry: it goes "Thank God* For Press Releases" (*replace with your deity of choice). Reporting the news can be such a hard, thankless job - breaking scoops, raking muck, threatening informants with bodily harm until they squeal - that it's always a pleasant surprise when a publicist sends us a press release that we can just republish in full and take the rest of the day off. So, from the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of everyone else covering the Simpsons beat, I just want to say "Thank You," to the publicists of the world! You are what keeps us going.

Anyway, our star insider Virgil Texas over at Klasky-Csupo just faxed us over this EXCLUSIVE press release about the upcoming 23rd season of the Simpsons program. Wow! 23 seasons! It seems like only yesterday they were on Season 19. Let's see what magic the writers have cooked up for us this time...

Is J.J. Abrams Ripping Off The Simpsons?

super 8 Remember back in 2007, when about ten or so 7-Elevens across the country became Kwik-E-Marts as part of an unprecedented marketing push for the The Simpsons movie? Just about everyone agreed it was a genius promotional stunt. Well, now it's 2011 and it looks like Hollywood hackman J.J. Abrams has shamelessly copied the whole thing. Over 2,000 Motel 6 motels across the United States and Canada have been transformed into "Super 8" motels in order to market Abram's latest popcorn flick, Super 8. Each room has been specially designed to resemble the 1970s, the time period in which the film takes place. They've even made a super-convincing viral web site.

Exposed Plagiarist Conan O'Brien Acknowledges Theft

Back in February, we blew the doors off the biggest plagiarism scandal to rock the entertainment industry since Disney's wholesale appropriation of Osamu Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion (Really, Disney? "Simba?"): former Tonight Show guest host Conan O'Brien's blatant theft of The Simpsons' iconic "couch gag" in the titles of his new show. After three months of stonewalling our indisputable allegations, the thievery gang known as "Team Coco" has finally broken down and acknowledged the shameful theft in the titles of last night's Conan:

Conan titles, episode 98

You can see it in action in this curiously unembeddable video. For the watching-impaired, the silhouetted family from Conan's titles returns home to find the Simpsons (including a Small Bart) making off with their television. Clearly the subtext is clear: Conan has stolen The Simpsons's couch gag, so the Simpsons are stealing a television.

Now, obviously this can't undo all the hurt and damage that has arisen as a result from their reckless disregard for intellectual property, but this acknowledgement is certainly a step forward on the path to recovery. While our editorial policy forbids the tooting of one's horn, we would be remiss without noting that once again, has achieved positive change as a direct result of our steadfast reporting. You're welcome, everyone.

Disgraced Talk Show Host Conan O'Brien Ripping Off The Simpsons

Disgraced talk show host Conan O'Brien, who was famously exiled from network television for being such a bad man, has apparently resorted to blatantly ripping off the beloved American institution known as The Simpsons in an act of brazen desperation, a new low for this sad, sad man. In the opening titles of his new variety show on TBS, a silhouetted family drives over a bridge from a city and then runs inside their home to watch TV. Sound familiar? If that weren't enough, a wacky gag involving the family - a couch gag, if you will - occurs on Thursday shows.

Opening sequence to Conan episode 16

EXCLUSIVE: Even More Upcoming Season 22 Episodes!

As the Internet's number-one premier source for Simpsons news & rumors, IN THE NEWS is proud to be on the receiving end of many a press release. Not to brag or anything, but unlike our so-called competition over at Simpsons Channel and Yahoo! TV Webportal, we are sometimes privy to EXCLUSIVE press releases sent directly from Simpsons HQ! Here's one we got just the other day:

Dear rubbercatsimpso,

Despite what you may have heard, The "Simpsons," America's only TV family, is still going strong after all these years. Our ratings are as strong as they'll ever be thanks to the credulity of loyal viewers like you. The crew here at News Corp has just put the finishing touches on the rest of Season 22, and we thought fans might be interested in a little sneak preview of what's on tap.

S-AOL, or the 120 Days of Modem

In a special trilogy of non-canon tech tales, Lisa gets trapped in a promotional ARG, Bart gets trapped in an arcade game, and Homer surfs the web -- literally! He literally surfs the world wide web.

Salvia, or the 420 Days of So Dumb

In a special trilogy of non-canon drug diaries, Homer and Barney take a mescaline-fueled trip through the desert Southwest, in the process confronting the dark heart of the American dream; Bart and Milhouse overcome anti-yellow racism in their marijuana-fueled search for a Krusty Burger, in the process confronting the dark heart of the American dream; and Lisa embarks on an ecstacy-fueled picaresque set in late 80s Madchester, in the process confronting the dark heart of the British dream. Guest staring Morrissey.

Yellow, or the 120 Days of So-(Annoyed Grunt)

SEASON FINALE When Mayor Quimby, Reverend Lovejoy, President McBain and the Blue-Haired Lawyer kidnap several Springfield Elementary students and coerce them into committing degrading perversions that irreparably commidfy their sexual identities, it's comes down to Bart and Lisa to concoct the perfect scheme to save the humanity of their peers and themselves. But first they'll need some help. Lester and Eliza guest star.

Despite scheduling challenges from the NBA regular season and Bob's Burgers, we are confident most, if not some, of these episodes will make it to air by the end of next year. And in case you were worried, we've got *plenty* more of the cutting and relevant Fox News jokes our truest fans have come to know and love.


Virgil Texas
Associate Intern, "The Simpsons"
"dont have a cow man! thank you to our brave soldiers serving overseas" - bart simpson

Simpsons insiders: send me all your exclusive Simpsons info, either by e-mail ( or by leaving it in the dumpster behind Rug Trader at the corner of Pico and Sepulveda!!!

Bart Simpson To Fight Gender

bart leatherBart Simpson has had his fair share of enemies of over the years. Nelson Muntz. Principal Skinner. Sideshow Bob. The country of Australia. Space Mutants. But these formidable foes have been mere child's play compared to the deadliest enemy of all: the gender binary.

The Simpsons, of course, is no stranger to controversy. But in recent decades, the show's penchant for edginess has fallen by the wayside. And so it has fallen upon Simpsons Comics, the show's funnybook corporate sister, to pick up the gauntlet of provocative social commentary. From the looks of things, it appears the Bongo Comics creative team has risen to the occasion with this - dare I say - daring premise for an issue currently available in stores:

Bart becomes an Internet sensation after being filmed while donning a wig and performing for his friends at Springfield Elementary. Little does he know it will all lead to fame, fortune, and the all-you-can-eat backstage buffet as he becomes the new (female?) pop diva sensation...Torie Missouri!

Yes, that's right. Bart Simpson is being enlisted to fight in the war against Gender.

EXCLUSIVE: More Upcoming Season 22 Episodes!

julian assangeThink Wikileaks is the only organization that can bust out top-secret information on the 'net? Think again! Once again, a top-secret informant who works on the show has sent us some EXCLUSIVE information about upcoming Season 22 episodes. If these plots are any indication, it looks like we're in for another "Golden Era"!

Here's our tipster's e-mail, reproduced in full:

good morning,

here at Simpsons Studios we've just finished another batch of new episodes of america's most popular tv show. here's what's on tap:

Homer's Earlier Work

After Homer's old vlogcasts are lampooned by Daniel Tosh, he tells Bart and Lisa the story of his early Duff Blue Ribbon-fueled romance with Marge in the heady days of 2007 Williamsburg. Guest starring M.I.A., Avey Tare, Tao Lin, and Ryan Schreiber.

I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Glide

Jealous of Marge's burgeoning gliding career, Homer buys a glider, much to the chagrin of Bart, whose own gliding ambitions have stalled. Meanwhile, Lisa finds herself in a predicament she can't glide out of.

Speaker of the House John [Annoyed Grunt]-ner

Disgusted by Obama's bear tax, Homer leads a one-man crusade to restore America to its former glory. Lisa breaks the news to Wendell about her powerful new beau. Guest starring Will Arnett, with Jon Stewart as Ignorant Man.

30 Schlock

Things go smoothly when uptight Miss Hoover takes the helm of the Krusty Show... that is, until an in-your-face Carl Carlson joins the cast! Guest starring Paul Scheer as a Krustylu page.

Episode About The Internet Awkwardly Written By Aging Gen Xers (working title)

When the townspeople discover that Lisa is behind their unflattering Wikipedia pages, it's a race against the clock as only one man can save Springfield from speedy deletion. Meanwhile, Bart tries to cash in on this meme craze, only to face some tough questions from Snowball II about the chicken nuggets. Guest starring Jimmy Wales.

as you can see we've got some great stuff coming up, and we need all the buzz we can get to keep the simpsons #1. also please note that most if not all of these episodes will be preempted by professional football and eventually played during summer 2013, if ever.


Virgil Texas

Remember, you can always send us your hot hot Simpsons info by e-mail (, by Twitter (@rubbrcatsimp), or by fax (as soon as we get our fax machine working)! []

Midterm Election Winners & Losers, and Their Simpsons Counterparts

Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell (R-DE): Lisa Simpson
Like Ms. O'Donnell, Lisa has dabbled in witchcraft and lied about her college attendance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): Mayor Quimby
Nobody really likes either politician, but they can manage to hold on to their jobs as long as they're up against really polarizing candidates, like homicidal maniac Sideshow Bob or Tea Party weirdo Sharron Angle.

Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino (R-NY): Fat Tony
paladino/fat tony
The tough-guy candidate threatened to "take out" a reporter, and wielded a baseball bat like a crazy man during his bizarre concession speech. Now, for legal reasons, I'm not saying Paldino is part of the mob, but he seems to be channeling Springfield mafioso Fat Tony.

Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV): Maggie Simpson
Nevada reporters tried to get Angle to answer questions, but she remained stubbornly silent, much like the perpetually binkied Simpson baby. Also, both appear to be in favor of exercising "Second Amendment remedies."

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at Simpsonized Glee Cast!!! #simpsons #Glee #Gleeks #OMGlee #pageviews

As all Gleeks know, the cast of TV's megahit Glee will be guest-starring in an upcoming Simpsons episode entitled "Elementary School Musical," scheduled to air September 26, 2010. But has EXCLUSIVELY obtained your first look at how your favorite Glee characters will look Simpsonized:

simpsons glee cast

simpsons glee gleeks omglee gleetastic fox musical theatre theater spoilers simpsons pictures images matt groening simpsonized elementary school musical jane lynch sue sylvester mark sailing puck chris colfer kurt hummel kevin mchale artie abrams amber riley mercedes jones iphone android tina cohen-chang jenna ushkowitz search engine optimization

EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming Episodes for Season 22

pissA top-secret informant has come forward with the plots of several upcoming episodes that will air in the upcoming 22nd season:

The Maude Squad
Maude Flanders returns to Springfield through an emergency exit door in Heaven

My Son Is Also Named A-Bort-ion
An old flame leads Marge to make a shocking revelation. Meanwhile Homer is tricked into becoming a pissboy. Jon Lovitz reprises his role as Jay Sherman.

Now You See It, Now You Donut
A diet hypnotist makes Homer blind to fatty foods. Guest starring Mel Brooks and Rep. Joe Wilson.

Kenya Feel It?
At Grampa's urging the Simpsons travel to Hawaii to find President's birth certificate.

Love Hack
Lisa starts a successful web 2.0 startup only have her code stolen by Mark Zuckerberg. Homer constructs a tin roof. Guest starring Justin Long and Jon Hodgman, with Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian as "shack sluts"

Feel free to send us your hot Simpsons tips by e-mail ( or by Twitter (@rubbercatsimp). We take great pains to ensure the anonymity of our sources. []

Facebook Guy To Be On Simpsons As Part of Media Saturation Tour

zuckerburgHey, you! Do you know who Mark Zuckerburg is? If not, you soon will, because 2010 is the Year of Zuck! He's the cat who made the popular Friendster clone Facebook, which is currently in "hot water" for selling all of its users' personal information to the Taliban in exchange for drugs. The outrage is so widespread that it even made the cover of Time Magazine, which is apparently considered a big deal!

As the face of Facebook (I hope you enjoyed this phrase!!! I stayed up all night writing it!!!), you can expect to see the Zuckster's mug - which by the way used to be in the goddamn logo seriously what kind of weird egomaniac does that - all over the place in news story after news story as this privacy brouhaha continues into the summer. If we're lucky, we might even see him look remorseful and say he's really sorry, just like the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Toyota, and BP!

Then, in the fall, an unflattering movie based on an unflattering book about Zuckerburg, his creepy mentor The Napster Guy, and the creation of Facebook will hit theaters, bringing his extreme jerkiness and unethical behavior to the attention of general audiences. And it's in 3-D! Even if you don't plan on seeing it, Hollywood's relentless marketing juggernaut will ensure you'll see fake-Zuckerburg's face everywhere (except maybe on Facebook?).

Finally, if that wasn't enough, Zuckerburg will guest star as himself (!) on The Simpsons (possibly to soften his image after public perception of him takes a beating?). This is surprisingly timely for a show that took seven years to do an episode about 9/11! For once, The Simpsons is actually jumping on a trend while it's still sort of hot; it's pretty amazing they didn't go with Tom from MySpace. Could The Simpsons become culturally relevant again...? (Haha, no. They just did an episode about the Patriot Act, so I suspect it's only a matter of time before Bart joins a flash mob.)

Anyway, shortly thereafter The Year of Zuck will conclude with Zuckerburg being thrown into a volcano after America grows sick of him, the end.


dana gouldWhile researching "SIMPSONS ALUMNI UPDATE 2010," I learned that former Simpsons writer Dana Gould used the pseudonym "Lawrence Talbot" on the "Simpsons Go To China" episode where Aunt Selma buys a Chinese baby who has never been mentioned since. Gould's use of a pseudonym struck me as peculiar: was it because of some legal thing? Could it be that a writer who started in the post-funny era could actually be so ashamed of his work that he would want to distance himself from it? What's the point of using a pseudonym when the genuinym is so easily findable on the Internet?

Now, IN THE NEWS is a Very Serious News Organization that takes great pride in its journalistic integrity - here is my real, actual, not-making-this-up press badge - and so, for answers, I went straight to the source: the only e-mail address I could find on his website.

Date: Sat, Mar 20, 2010
Subj: lawrence talbot

dear mr. gould

i have a press inquiry: why did u use a pseudonym for the simpsons episode "goo goo gai pan"? or is wikipedia got it's facts wrong.


urs in christ,

I got no response. OK, whatever, this probably happens to Morley Safer all the time. Undeterred, I sent a second inquiry, this time with all the respectability I could summon.

Date: Thu, Apr 8, 2010
Subj: press inquiry

Dear Sir Or Madam Whom It May Concern:

On the 20th of March I sent a press inquiry to this address, which as of this writing has not garnered a reply. I shall rephrase and repeat the question in hopes of an answer: why did Mr. Gould choose to use the pseudonym "Lawrence Talbot" for the The Simpsons episode entitled "Goo Goo Gai Pan" (production code #GABF06, original airdate 13 March 2005)?

I am an important member of The Press and I will not rest until I get an answer. A simple "no comment" will suffice. You may answer "off the record" if that is more palatable to you.

Yours in Christ,

Head Journalist, IN THE NEWS

Then I sort of forgot about this whole thing for a while, but then I remembered about it and I got mad. I was through playing games. It was time for answers!

Date: Fri, Apr 23, 2010
Subj: ultimatum

I've had it!!! Twice I have e-mailed this address for a simple answer as to why Dana Gould used the pseudonym Lawrence Talbot, and I STILL have gotten no response! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, DANA GOULD? If I don't get a response by April 30th, I will have no choice but to go public with unfounded rumours and speculation about Mr. Gould. YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM THE PRESS.


Needless to say, I still have yet to receive a response from Mr. Gould or his associates.

So why is this guy, Dana Gould, hiding behind a fake name and stonewalling the fourth estate? Here are my theories:

  • Dana Gould murdered a teenage girl during a trip to China
  • Dana Gould shot up an entire orphanage
  • Dana Gould was fired from Fox because of his rampant drug abuse
  • Dana Gould is the reason The Simpsons is so bad now
  • Dana Gould was ashamed of his name after discovering it is an anagram for "analog dud"
  • Dana Gould was incarcerated at the time (prisoners are not allowed to write for TV)
  • Dana Gould is a deadbeat dad attempting to hide his TV revenue from his ex-wife
  • Dana Gould was in possession of evidence that could have brought down the Bush Administration
  • Dana Gould was put into witness protection after seeing a mafia guy kill a dude
  • Dana Gould's body is the current soul vessel for the entity once known as "Andy Kaufman"

No denials as of yet... hmmm....

IN THE NEWS Refurbished, Other Simpsons News Sites On Notice


IN THE NEWS, the news section of the beloved award-winning Simpson's fansite, is proud, albeit modestly, to announce its major refurbishment! In moving from Blogger to Movable Type, IN THE NEWS has been completely redone to look like a somewhat presentable website. Here a look at the changes:

  • Small images have been added to most every post to make them look interesting, and a handful of youtubes have been embedded. I don't know why I was so averse to including pics & vids on this thing
  • Individual post pages instead of awkward jump-to-an-entry monthly archives!
  • Archives are searchable! Now you can find out every time Utit Choomuang has been mentioned (zero so far)
  • Categories are now clickable! I could never figure out how to style tags with Blogger
  • There are a handful of posts from the first few months that I deleted because they were just me quoting a bunch of paragraphs from utterly uninteresting articles without adding commentary or context or jokes, which made me feel really parasitic
  • More jokes added and old bad jokes have been tweaked to make them funny!!
  • Fresher news on the home page since I don't have to do that manually now

The End


Simpsons To End Next Year

my two centsI'm going to go out on a limb and declare that The Simpsons will finally, mercifully end in 2011, after twenty-two seasons.

  • The show has yet to be renewed beyond the 2010-2011 season (season 22), so there's no guarantee there'll be a Season 23.

  • In November, the Animation Guild blog mentioned that the writers were working on "another thirteen episodes". Each production season, the last couple of episodes become the first episodes of the next season; these are called "holdovers." The current season (season 21) has eight holdovers - notice the production codes in this chart. Presumably, this means next season will also have eight holdovers, which when coupled with the aforementioned thirteen episodes will fulfill a complete season order of twenty-one episodes, with no holdovers for a 23rd season.

  • The show has been losing a million viewers each season for the past couple seasons with no end in sight. It often gets lower ratings than Family Guy. Each episode costs somewhere around $3 million. All of these must be major concerns for Fox executives... but then again The Simpsons is the sixth-highest earner on television, and makes like a billion dollars from merchandise and syndication, so ratings are probably irrelevant.

  • The 20th anniversary hoopla feels like a final victory parade to me, a last hurrah before they ride into the sunset. It's probably wise to end it while goodwill is high.

  • I just want to be right so I can look prophetic.


you can not stop us.

we have this twitter.

you follow now.

are you afraid?

death to @springfieldx2.

death to @simpsonschannel.

@rubbrcatsimp is great.


The Simpsons Goes Green

Al Gore would be proud: so far, Season 21 is the most environmentally-friendly season of The Simpsons yet. What makes this season so green? Each episode is made from a recycled plotline from an earlier episode:

Homer the Whopper: Radioactive Man but with Homer instead of Milhouse

Bart Gets A 'Z': Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song but with Mrs. Krabappel instead of Principal Skinner

The Great Wife Hope: The Homer They Fall but with Marge instead of Homer

Congratulations on reducing your carbon footprint, Simpsons writers! toot [Simpsons Archive]

Bongo Comics Turns A Blind Eye To Copyright Infringement!!!

Lawyers for 20th Century Fox take copyright infringement of The Simpsons very seriously. During the early 1990s, lawyers were sent to vendors who sold bootleg Bart Simpson t-shirts. Towards the end of the decade, many Simpsons sites received cease & desist orders for the grave crime of hosting framegrabs. More recently, Fox lawyers managed to take down a series of Simpsons video parodies featuring OJ Simpson. Even creator Matt Groening, who has a collection of bootleg Simpsons merchandise, personally dispatches lawyers from time to time.

Ben Jones, an artist in the art collective Paper Rad, has recieved many acclaims for his work; Paper Rad's avant-garde comics often appear in hip indie comics anthologies such as The Best American Comics and Kramer's Ergot. Following the massive Kramer's Ergot 7, of which Groening was a fellow contributor, Jones was asked to contribute to the upcoming Treehouse of Horror comic book. According to a 2003 Comics Reporter profile, this would not be his first Simpsons comic:

Effective as illustration, Ben Jones' comics demand reading. As noted by several of his fellow cartoonists, on no planet should a comic about Simpsons characters Homer and Moe taking a walk, getting high and skinny dipping ("Ho and Mo") work on any level for a single second, let alone be funny and affecting and a touch profound. In the Alfe stories, Jones' most frequent recurring feature and among the first comics the artist tried to sell through Million Year Picnic, Jones uses a sizable, extremely odd cast to pay tribute to simple pleasures and the way kindness and patience act as buttresses against life's intolerable cruelties. Jones is to the idea of friendship what the cartoonist Jack Jackson is to Texas history, its primary comics chronicler.
Additionally, The Simpsons is a recurring motif in Paper Rad's ouvre, as evidenced by their website.

Yet, despite such egregious acts of copyright infringement, Jones and Paper Rad do not appear to have been punished for their actions. As far as I can tell from a Google search, the art collective has never received a cease & desist letter from Fox's attorneys. In fact, with his contribution to Simpsons Comics, Jones appears to have been rewarded for his copyright infringement!!! He is being endorsed, at least implicitly, by Bongo Comics, Groening, and Fox, who are apparently turning a blind eye to his wholesale appropriation of their intellectual property. Is Jones receiving preferential treatment simply for being a celebrity? Is this really the message Bongo Comics wants to be sending to infringers?

EXCLUSIVE: Movie Storyboards!

We've received some exclusive, never-before-seen storyboards of The Simpsons Movie from a top-secret source over at Film Roman!!! Check 'em out!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Top Secret Character Revealed!

Wondering who or what the "top-secret character" is? Well, wonder no more, 'cause we've got the scoop!

EXCLUSIVE: Movie Framegrab!

An inside source at Gracie Films has provided us with a top-secret framegrab of a scene from The Simpsons Movie. Click here for the inside scoop!!!