*Sideshow Bob sees the other prisoners watching TV and laughing*

Krusty (on TV): This is the way we mop the floor, mop the floor --

Sideshow Bob: Oh, must you bray night and day at that infernal television?

Prisoner #1: Oh, look who's talking.

Prisoner #2: Yeah, Bob... you used to be on this show.

Sideshow Bob: Don't remind me. My foolish capering destroyed more young minds then syphilis and pinball combined. Ooh, how I loathe that box. An omnidirectional sludge pump droning and burping...

Rupert Murdoch: Look here, that's enough now! I own 60% of that network -- *attempts to strangle Sideshow Bob*

Chief Wiggum: All right, break it up, boys. It's time for work detail.

*The prisoners file out for work*

Rupert Murdoch: (to Sideshow Bob) I suppose you don't like tabloid newspapers either!

Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming