forgotten season 1 characters

The Simpson's show has over hundreds of characters and they can be hard to keep track off. Here are some biographies about the characters to serve as a guide if you are new to the show or if you just need a refresher on Who's Who in Springfield town

the windfields
The Winfields
Identity: Cantankerous elderly neighbors of the Simpsons
Episode: Homer's Odyssey
Quote: Look's like young Simpson's going to kill himself! / OR MAYBE HE'S JUST TAKING HIS BOULDER FOR A WALK AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Apparently the self-appointed Statler and Waldorf of Springfield, the Winfields were an elderly couple whose only joy in life appeared to come from sitting on the porch late at night (really, really late at night), making snide comments about passerby, especially suicidal ones, and then cackling madly at their own jokes. However, all that laughter couldn't fill the void left by Mrs. Winfield's barren, childless womb. Since Ruth and Laura Powers moved into their house in Season 4, I think it's safe to assume that the Winfields are dead, mourned by no one and forgotten by everyone.

man eating sandwich with tongs
Man Eating Sandwich With Tongs
Identity: Power plant employee, possibly Homer's supervisor?
Episode: Opening Sequence
Quote: N/A

Back before they redid the opening sequence in Season 2 and added Mr. Burns & Smithers, there was a guy eating a sandwich with tongs over in the little control room. Why he's eating a sandwich with tongs and big safety gloves, I don't know. Maybe he's just following the "Be Careful" sign to the letter. Note the way he just stares at the sandwich until the whistle blows, and then eats it: just how long was he staring at it for???

cubist family
Unpleasant Cubist Family
Identity: Family attending company picnic
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: Oh, thank you, Mr. Burns. I'm so glad you invited us. / Not me. I had to miss little league for this. / Quiet, Tom.

Stepping out from the pages of a New Yorker cartoon, this family came and went with nary a whimper. Mr. Burns fired the father for his family's "unpleasantness" later in the day. Good thing too, because he looks like an alcoholic. And what's up with his wife's eyebrows?

adorable baby
Adorable Baby
Identity: Baby
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: N/A

Temporaily confusing cuteness with freakishness, Marge compliments a fellow mother on her "adorable little girl," a scary monstrosity with eight eyelashes. Unceremoniously dumped in a nursery while her mother goes to drink alcohol-spiked punch, this baby is never seen again. Kind of makes you think.

perfect family
Perfect Family
Identity: Family attending company picnic
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: Did you have a good time, son? / Yeah, thanks, Pop. *kiss*

Now that's the kind of family unity Mr. Burns likes to see. The Perfect Family is unlike the Simpsons in every way - they're nice to each other, they're polite, they enjoy company picnics, and they sing songs as their car ascends to heaven.

They are later seen at Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center, leaving one to wonder just what sordid skeletons this family keeps buried deep within in their closet. Was that innocent kiss really so innocent?

Norman Rockwell-type Family
Norman Rockwell-type Family
Identity: One of the families the Simpsons observes
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: N/A

A rather grotesque looking family with big, big un-Simpsons-like smiles that appears to be having Thanksgiving dinner. Why are they having Thanksgiving when it's clearly not Thanksgiving? Are they trapped in some hellish Groundhog Day-ish time warp where they are forced to relive Thanksgiving over and over? The world may never know.

old lenny
Old Lenny
Identity: Barfly, wrestling enthusiast
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: N/A

This guy looks a lot like Lenny, except old. Could Homer's good friend Lenny secretly be a time-traveller???

pawn shop guy
Pawn Shop Guy
Identity: Pawn shop guy
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: Mister, you got yourself a deal.

This guy is pretty much the creepiest looking guy ever seen in The Simpsons. Looking like either an extra from Deliverance or a bad caricature of Steve Buscemi, he takes a somewhat perverted pleasure in buying the Simpsons' iconic television. What's he hiding behind that barred window?

bizarro simpsons
Bizarro Simpsons
Identity: Family leaving therapy
Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home
Quote: Come on, family. Let's go celebrate our newfound ability to express love for each other. I'm taking you out for frosty chocolate milkshakes.

What are the odds that two families that bare such striking resemblance to each other would be in the same place at the same time? Why does Bizarro Marge have a bow in her hair when she's at least in her late 20s? Why does she look like she's from the 1950s while Bizarro Homer looks like he's from the 1970s? And what did they do to Bizarro Maggie?

white janey
White Janey
Identity: A friend of Lisa's
Episode: Bart the General
Quote: N/A

Lisa's baked some cupcakes for her classmates. She arrives at school and offers one to her fair-weather friend Janey, only to have them intercepted by one of Nelson's weasels. But wait a minute! That's not the Janey we all know and love! She's... white! Are these Janeys the same girl? Or does Lisa just have multiple friends who happen to share the same name?

freakish-looking schoolchildren
Freakish-Looking Schoolchildren
Identity: Two students Bart hides behind while running from Nelson
Episode: Bart the General
Quote: N/A


sailor kid
Sailor Kid
Identity: Random kid elated at the triumph over Nelson
Episode: Bart the General
Quote: N/A

Some weird kid in a sailor hat who gets off on re-enacting famous World War II photographs. Man, just look at that kid's face! I wonder if he normally wears that hat, or if he just put it on for the occasion.

Possibly Lisa's first kiss, as opposed to Lisa's Date With Density.

assorted co-workers
Assorted Co-Workers
Identity: Assorted co-workers
Episode: Some Enchanted Evening
Quote: Hey Homer, ain't that your wife?

Man, these guys just love rather mild domestic squabbles! The two guys on the right are wearing the exact same outfit - are they twins, lovers, or both? And the wolfish guy on the left - from the looks of it, bad things happening to other people is the only thing he derives any kind of joy from. I bet he laughs at orphanages burning down.

mr. dandy
Mr. Dandy
Identity: Proprieter of Candy Most Dandy
Episode: The Telltale Head
Quote: Hey! Hey, you! Hey! Hey, you!

Mr. Dandy is a candy man with a fervent passion for town founder Jebediah Springfield, scolding Bart, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney when he catches them throwing rocks at the town square statue of his beloved embiggener. "Show a little respect, you insolent little thugs!"

Identity: Proprieter of Howard's Flowers
Episode: Some Enchanted Evening
Quote: Well, we have some beautiful long-stem roses... they're fifty-five dollars a dozen.

Continuing the trend of shopkeepers with names that rhyme or almost rhyme with what they sell, Howard is a botanical elitist who takes his job very seriously. So much so that he seems quite peeved when a customer actually enters his store, and visibly restrains his frustration when Homer asks for "pretty" flowers. Man, the laughs just keep rolling in.

old guy
Old Guy
Identity: Springfield Retirement Castle tenant
Episode: The Telltale Head
Quote: Yeah!

This guy is so infuriated that someone sawed off Jebidiah Springfield's head that all he can do is furrow his overbite angrily in support of Abe's suggestion that the authorites cut the head cutter's head off. Hell in a handbasket!

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