season 23 episode guide

Hello, this is the episode guide for Season 23 of "The Simpso"ns T.V. series program. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress!!! I will update this page when more info becomes available so be sure to czech back regularily!

2011 - 2012

Bart is saved at the last possible moment by Sideshow Bob, who enlists him to find the real killer of Ralph and exonerate Lisa, who's been put on death row. Finding Moe's Tavern in flames, Barney heroically enters the bar and saves Sam, Larry, and Moe. The terrorists force Marge to wear a bomb vest and enter the nuclear power plant. In a meeting with Homer, Hans Moleman reveals his deadly secret. Distraught over Apu's death, Manjula and the octuplets move to India. Tina Ballerina and Corporal Punishment elope to Albania. Maggie takes control of the space shuttle but a mechanical failure sends it hurtling to Earth. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner guest stars.
Homer resurrects his abandoned "Mr. X" website and begins posting classified information, including nuclear secrets. Julian Assange guest stars.
bart choking bart
When Bart runs into his teenage self, the two team up to defeat Adult Bart and steal his essence! A multi-generational melee ensues when Old Bart joins the fray to reclaim his youth. Meanwhile, Comic Book Guy changes his name to Graphic Novel Man in a quest for respectability.
Milhouse struggles with being a single parent after his wife Samantha Stankey enlists in the army. Michelle Obama guest stars.
simpsons computers
Bart starts trolling Moe via Twitter. Homer's YouTube vlog goes viral amongst fat enthusiasts. Marge begins neglecting Maggie after getting addicted to FarmVille. Grampa's anti-feminist tirades make him a reddit sensation. Lisa creates a Tumblr for recontextualized Itchy & Scratchy gifs. Milhouse becomes a meme.
monty gone-o
When President Obama (guest voice Dane Cook) invites Mr. Burns to join his economic recovery team, the nuclear power plant is left in the hands of his 13 year old daughter Peggy (guest voice Amy Poehler), who has a MAJOR crush on Smithers.
homer as steve mobs
Silicon Valley's in for a heap 'o' trouble when Homer succeeds Steve Mobs as CEO of Mapple Computer! Noah Wyle guest stars.
team sideshow
Krusty steps down from The Krusty the Klown Show so he can focus full-time on his congressional career, and Sideshow Mel becomes the new host. But when Krusty changes his mind a couple weeks later, it's too late to take back the show. To keep him from jumping to another network, Channel 6 gives him a new show at 10 in the morning, Morning Joke. It does terrible in the ratings, affecting the rest of the network's daytime lineup, and is quickly cancelled. Eventually Krusty is brought back to the 4 o'clock slot, and Sideshow Mel ends up at Channel Ocho, where he edges out Bumblebee Man. Jimmy Kimmel guest stars.
Milhouse becomes a dubstep superstar, much to the chagrin of Samantha Stankey, who feels her own musical talents are being neglected. Skrillex guest stars.
lisa computer
Lisa just straight up invents Facebook, just like that movie about Facebook, because why the hell not. real
otaku my wife please
The Android's Dungeon starts selling manga, leading to a severe outbreak of manga-mania amongst the children of Springfield! Comic Book Guy becomes smitten with Manga Tankōbon Girl (guest voice Aya Hirano), but could she be hiding a secret? Meanwhile, Homer becomes a super saiyan.
you are BART the father!
When Bart knocks up Jessica Lovejoy, they soon become reality TV stars on MTV's "Tween Mom." Can their shotgun marriage survive the glare of television cameras? Maury Povich guest stars.
the austerity of dopes
When a fast-talking con man swindles the Springfield Retirement Castle out of their Social Security, it's up to Grampa and Homer to get it back. Paul Ryan guest stars.
lisa’s brony
Homer starts bonding with Lisa over the children's show "Happy Little Elves: Companionship is Enchanting," but Marge fears for his mental sanity when he becomes obsessed with it. Meanwhile, Bart accidentally kills a hobo.
In this never-before-seen lost episode from the late 90s, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (guest starring as himself) moves in with the Simpsons after being brought up on ethics charges, but soon becomes a nuisance. Meanwhile, Homer mourns the loss of Seinfeld and the cat gets replaced by a Tamagotchi.
bart leather
Lisa joins the Occupy Springfield movement and protests at Burns Manor. But when Bart moves up a few tax brackets after finally getting his residual checks from being an assistant to the Springfield Mafia, the TV movie based on him starring Neil Patrick Harris, co-writing several Itchy & Scratchy cartoons, his treehouse casino, his stint as Krusty's assistant and the I Didn't Do It Boy, appearance fees from the Conan O'Brien show, his job as a Hong Kong delivery boy, the Maison Derriére, the boy band Party Posse, winning various battlebot competitions, his line of novelty t-shirts, and his Oscar-winning short film Angry Dad, will Lisa be forced to take sides against her own brother? Meanwhile, Marge takes up golf.
Seth Rogen
Maggie starts dating a toddler voiced by Seth Rogen.
President Obama's real birth certificate is discovered, revealing he was born in Springfield! He is immediately removed from office, because nobody can confirm what state it's in.
Matt Selman by Gage Skidmore
Homer moves to Los Angeles and becomes a writer-producer on a successful animated series. With his newfound riches, he indulges in video games, graphic novels, premium cable, and gourmet food. For some reason, he gets invited to throw a beefsteak for a video game convention being held on an expensive cruise ship, where he meets geek celebrities George R.R. Martin, Joss Whedon, and Shigeru Miyamoto.
After seeing his fellow solider Martin Prince blown apart by a grenade amidst the bloody savagery of World War I, a newly disillusioned Bart Simpson flees to Zurich, where he strikes up a friendship with a group of unconventional anti-artists at the Cabaret Voltaire.
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