season 24 episode guide

Hello, this is the episode guide for Season 24 of "The Simpso"ns T.V. series program. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress!!! I will update this page when more info becomes available so be sure to czech back regularily!

2012 - 2013

bart dog
Bart accidentally turns into a dog and becomes a fixture at the dog racing track.
Julio The Gay Hairdresser finally comes out to his estranged father, The Old Barber Guy Who Kinda Looks Like Homer.
Marge gets "honking" mad when The Capital City Goofball moves in with the Simpsons for some reason! Be sure to catch the opening sequence, featuring all your favorite Simpsons characters going "Gangnam Style," and remember to stay tuned for a special 3-minute parody of the animated short Destino.
Marge pink sky
Marge sails away on a barge... where is she going... it is a mystery...
fiscal cliff
Cliff decides to invest all his money in the stock market after seeing the movie Wall Street. Sam frets about his cholesterol intake. Fraiser suspects Lilith of cheating when she solves the New York Times crossword puzzle before him. Woody thinks the bar is haunted.
homer hat
When the Simpsons get locked in a hat store, they pass the time by telling each other stories about historical figures who obtained hats. In the first story, Abraham Lincoln (played by Homer) gets a new hat. In the second story, Nefertiti (Lisa) gets a new hat. In the third story, Jughead from Archie Comics (Bart) gets a new hat. In the last story, Jackie Kennedy (Marge) gets a new hat.
the rag
Moe's sentient bar rag (Jeremy Irons) convinces Professor Frink to construct a robot body for him so he can experience life as a human. After a chance encounter with supervillian Dr. Colossus at the bank, the rag decides to use his newfound powers to fight evil as the superhero Ragtime. But will Springfield's newest crimefighter let the power go to his head? Robert Downey Jr. guest stars.
richard and lewis
Richard & Lewis contemplate the meaning of fate and their significance in the universe as they help Bart set up a prank during recess. Comedian Richard Lewis guest stars.
burns & allah
Mr. Burns converts to Islam.
Three minutes into a fairly elaborate couch gag paying homage to TV's Homeland, you begin to realize it's just going to be the whole episode. Claire Danes guest stars.
The Sega of Lenny
Homer and the gang flash back to their early '90s childhood, when Lenny got a Sega Genesis and their lives changed forever. Melissa Joan Hart guest stars.
Co-workers on a Twin Bed
Krusty the Clown is forced to move in with Mr. Teeny after his wife Princess Penelope (guest voice Anne Hathaway) catches him in bed with Tina Ballerina, Ms. No Means No, Ms. Pennycandy, and Bette Midler.
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