season 25 episode guide

Hello, this is the episode guide for the histronic 25th Anniversary Season of "The Simpso"ns T.V. series program. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress!!! I will update this page when more info becomes available so be sure to czech back regularily!

2013 - 2014

Mark Simpson
Homer and Marge's oldest son Mark finally returns home from the war.
Mayoral Pangs
When Springfield's government shuts down, Mayor Quimby goes on a wild month-long bender with Rob Ford, Marion Barry, and Corey Booker.
Ghetto Tambourine
Lisa tries to fight the gentrification of Crackton with a big musical number.
Rod & Todd Flanders create an online version of their newsletter. What happens next will shock and amaze you.
Agents of S.N.U.H.
After accidentally watching an episode of the popular cable drama Sexy Meth Zombies, Marge resurrects her political activist group S.N.U.H. and coordinates a series of bombings at various cable networks.
Bart NES
A magic NES transports Bart Simpson and the gang inside a video game, where they team up with classic Nintendo characters Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Link (Dante Basco) to save the world from the evil clutches of King Koopa and Mr. Burns. (Originally aired December 12, 1991 as a promotion for Bart vs. The World.)
In an elaborate 30-minute Itchy & Scratchy spoof, Itchy is elected congressmouse and passes legislation forcing Scratchy to stand in front of an oncoming train.
When Apu is shot and killed during a robbery, his brother Sanjay steps up and takes control of the Kwik-E-Mart, which becomes more profitable than ever under his wise stewardship. Jan Hooks and Maulik Pancholy guest star.
homer team
When the owner of the Springfield Isotopes is caught saying messed up stuff, he is forced to sell the team to... Homer Simpson?!? Yes that's right, looks like Homer is taking over the team and now he has to deal with players unions and stuff like that. It's not particularly interesting to be honest.
Bart gets jealous after Milhouse becomes a famous video game speedrunner. When "Thrillhouse" is invited to participate in a speedrunning marathon for charity, Bart plans to sabotage the event. Can Lisa and special guest star Geoff Keighley stop him in time, or will it be "GAME OVER" for their friendship?
Jub-Jub becomes a viral meme sensation after Aunt Selma posts of a picture of him on an iguana enthusiast forum. Dubbed "Grumpy Lizard" by the media, he is soon whisked away to Hollywood to star in insurance commercials and a full-length feature film. But his newfound fame is put on the line when he's caught on camera making racist statements. Dee Bradley Baker guest stars.
homer wall st.
For tax purposes, Homer turns the family into a corporation and acquires the Van Houtens in a hostile takeover.
 Pahusacheta Nahasapeemapetilon
Apu's niece Pahusacheta forms a cheerleading squad, and somehow Homer becomes the coach. Can they defeat their Shelbyville rivals and make it to the finals, or will they be cheering rah-rah sis-boom-D'OH!?
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