season 30 episode guide

This is the guide to the upcoming episodes of the World Record Breaking Season Thirty of the Simpson T.V. Show. Be sure to check back regularly for UpDates

2018 - 2019

by citiz3nb3n
Bart accidentally burns down the couch after a prank goes awry, and the family shares their memories of the couch before buying an identical one.
homer vs. the hyperloop
A fast-talking conman sells a new mode of transportation to Springfield, and starts dating Frank Grimes's daughter.
your show of clip shows
A clip show that only shows clips from the wraparound segments of earlier clip shows.
Itchy & Scratchy World
Basically the same as "Itchy & Scratchy Land" except the references to Jurassic Park and Westworld (1979) are updated to reflect Jurassic World and Westworld (2017).
grammar rodeo
Former Head Buckaroo Lisa Simpson is forced to hunt down the other members of the disbanded Grammar Rodeo after the school is defaced by a series of verbose graffiti.
two dead neighbors
Bart dares Lisa to spend the night in the spooky old house across the street, where she is haunted by the ghosts of former presidents.
anagram this!
Langdon Alger faces the ultimate puzzle when he's forced to decide between Lisa and Allison Taylor for the Valentine's dance.
Krusty Gets Kancelled
Krusty the Clown gets called out on social media after an old controversial interview resurfaces.
Hello Mueller, Hello Fadder
Hours after submitting his famous report, FBI agent Robert Mueller (guest voice David Lynch) is called to the small town of Springfield to investigate the murder of Laura Powers.
Homer's Hater
Homer and Bart rant about how much their new neighbor @ClassicSimpsonsFan420 sucks and how he's just jealous of the writing staff, knows absolutely nothing about comedy, and is a total loser.

Notes: The episode takes place entirely in the kitchen, Homer and Bart are clearly voiced by two of the writers, @ClassicSimpsonsFan420 never actually appears and the conceit that he's a new neighbor is abandoned within the first five minutes.
Simpson Bowls
A class field trip to the bowl factory goes awry when Bart falls into the machinery and gets turned into a bowl.
Polygamy of Crones
Homer tries to convince Marge to join the poly lifestyle after she discovers his years-long affair with Mrs. Glick.
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