season 31 episode guide

This is the guide to the upcoming episodes of there 31st Season of the Simpson T.V. Show. Be sure to check back regularly for UpDates

2019 - 2020

star wars tie-in
The Simpsons are going to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! In this corporate-mandated promotional episode, Our Favorite Family visit the new Star Wars themed land at Disney World, where they go on the rides, buy lots of merchandise, and get into a little mischief but not too much mischief. Also Comic Book Guy is there and he says "Worst Plug Ever!" so you can't say it
marge's age story
Marge shares the story of the time she lied about her age so she could join the military to fight Slobodan Milošević.
bart vs iran
Due to a clerical mixup, Bart Simpson is deployed to Iran where he becomes a celebrated war hero.