season 32 episode guide

(2020 - 2021)

Homer the Wife Guy
Homer goes viral on social media for the 17th time this month after his cringey pyrotechnic ode to Marge reduces Shelbyville to ash.
Sad Pain in the Membrane
Scratchy sees a doctor, who gently informs him he has emotional trauma from all of his previous injuries. The doctor is then revealed to be Itchy in disguise, who takes out a huge reflex hammer and slams him into the ground.
simpsons jack o'lantern
In the show's monthly horror anthology, Homer is turned into a jack o'lantern, Kang poses as the monstrous Republican candidate while Kodos poses as Donald Trump, and Lisa becomes a serial killer to generate content for her true crime podcast.
Simpsons Election Night Extravaganza
In this hour-long special, America's Favorite Family the Simpsons announce the election results live, replay fan-favorite Trump shorts, and interview political luminaries Space Ghost-style.
An image of Kent Brockman interviewing Krusty the Clown over Zoom
Krusty the Clown pretends to have contracted the coronavirus in a desperate bid for attention. Tom Hanks guest stars.
An image of young Moe and a hobo.
A young Moe Syslak, unable to make it as an actor in 1940s Hollywood after killing the original Alfalfa, is on the run after stealing a Maltese Falcon. He hops a train to Springfield, where he befriends a well-dressed hobo (Maurice LaMarche) who plans to open a tavern.
An image of Homer in a writers room.
Jon Favreau hires Homer to be a writer for his Cosmic Wars TV show, which is actually a front for the mafia.
An image of Mr. X and Mary Bailey.
Homer's in hot water after the latest "X drop" from his internet persona Mr. X leads to the assassination of Governor Bailey!
An image of Marge Simpson.
Distraught after the death of her husband, Marge begins eating compulsively.
An image of Ruth Powers, Sylvia Winfield, and Marge Simpson.
The Simpsons’s former neighbor Sylvia Winfield returns to Springfield and enlists Marge’s help getting back in the dating game!
An image of the Superior Squad.
The director's cut of Radioactive Man gets dumped on HBO Max, and the positive buzz around Milhouse's performance lands him a part in the hastily-greenlit sequel. When the Simpsons visit him on the set, director Señor Spielbergo becomes infatuated with Marge and casts her in the role of Weasel Woman. Can true love blossom on the backlot? Kevin Smith guest stars.
An image of Snowball II as a bodega cat.
Lisa is distraught after Snowball II runs away and becomes a beloved bodega cat at the Kwik-E-Mart.
An image of Marge looking shocked at a Mother Box
Marge's attempt to resurrect Homer with a Mother Box has disastrous consquences.