season 33 episode guide

(2021 - 2022)

An image of Rick & Morty with a lot of Simpsons characters in the background.
Rick & Morty return to Springfield and kidnap Simpsons characters to sell as NFTs.
An image of an adult Maggie Simpson and Tommy Pickles in front of a mansion with a ghostly image of Unky Herb.
Thirty years in the future, Maggie inherits Unky Herb's fortune and attempts to secede from the United States by declaring herself a sovereign citizen, putting considerable strain on her marriage to Tommy Pickles.
An image of Susan Sarandon in a block of ice being tortured by Itchy & Scratchy.
Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon (Tress MacNeille) finds herself transported to the violent world of Itchy & Scratchy, where she is repeatedly stabbed, maimed, and dismembered as punishment for her failure to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Written by returning Simpsons scribe Nell Scovell.
An image of troops from The Simpsons.
The Simpsons' oldest son Mark is hospitalized for jaundice, which had largely gone undetected due to his pigmentation. During his stay, he flashes back to his time serving in Afghanistan and all the friends he lost along the way.
An image of Grampa and Maggie Simpson.
Grampa Simpson is stressed out when he has to babysit Maggie for the weekend!
An image of Lisa Simpson and George W. Bush.
Lisa Simpson's scathing blog forces George W. Bush to resign the presidency! Markos Moulitsas guest stars. (Note: This episode takes place in 2006.)
An image of Bart Simpson's ghost haunting Christina Ricci.
The ghost of Bart Simpson befriends a girl who moves into his old house.
An image of the Comic Book Guy with an Admiral Ackbar action figure.
Alone and despondent after a brutal divorce, the Comic Book Guy worries he's going insane when his prized Admiral Ackbar action figure starts talking to him.
An image of Marge shocked by Homer on the computer.
Homer's in the doghouse once again after Marge discovers he's been pretending to be a Japanese girl V-Tuber!
An image of Dr. Nick descending a collapsing staircase of oxycontin pills.
Stressed over pending lawsuits, Dr. Nick Riviera becomes addicted to the oxycontin he's been wantonly prescribing.
An image of Homer at Moe's Tavern with Supreme Court justices.
Lisa drags Homer along to a pro-choice protest at the Supreme Court, but later becomes jealous when he convinces the conservative justices to change their minds over beer.
An image of Grampa Simpson and Bart Simpson playing a video game with Jonesy from Fortnite in the middle.
Grampa Simpson utilizes his WWII combat experience to become a champion Fortnite player, but his skills are put to the test when he's forced to face off against his grandson Bart Simpson.
An image of Waylon Smithers in front of a heart.
Newly celebrated author Waylon Smithers goes on a book tour to promote his wildly successful coming-of-age graphic novel Heartburner. But is this sensitive soul cut out for the cutthroat world of YA literature? Jenny Han guest stars.