season 34 episode guide

(2022 - 2023)

An image of Lenny in a futuristic city.
Secret agent Lenny Leonard seeks to find his missing partner Carl in a dystopian future city ruled by a tyrannical computer with the consciousness of Ralph Wiggum.
An image of Sideshow Bob and his family inside Bob's Burgers.
A newly reformed Sideshow Bob moves to New Jersey and opens up a hamburger restaurant with his family, but gives in to his homicidal impulses when nobody gets his puns for the Burger of the Day.
An image of Sideshow Bob and his family inside Bob's Burgers.
Santa's Little Helper gathers with dogs from around the neighborhood to tell spooky stories, including "The Loud Noise," "A Stranger at the Door," and "What If There Was A Giant Cat."
An image of Marge Simpson using a computer.
Marge butts heads with a new moderator on a knitting message board.
An image of Mr. Largo and Lisa in front of an orchestra.
Lisa tries to rekindle Mr. Largo's passion for music after she discovers his checkered past as conductor of the Capital City Symphony Orchestra.
An image of Marge sitting at a table.
In this special extra-length episode, Marge performs housework, runs errands, and embarks on an exciting new work from home job.
An image of Maggie in an Italian kitchen.
Maggie becomes head chef at Luigi's restaurant.
An image of Bart and Lisa Simpson in a black-and-white room.
Bart and Lisa travel back in time to solve the Black Dahlia murder.
An image of Marge at a drawing table over a background of comic strips.
Marge launches a family-themed comic strip after The Springfield Shopper drops Dilbert, and quickly rockets to fame as a celebrity cartoonist. However, the rest of the family is dismayed when they discover their private moments becoming public fodder for the strip. Bill Amend, Lynda Barry, and the guy who does Heathcliff guest star.
An image of Marge sobbing while Homer embraces her.
Homer and Marge's marriage is in crisis after Marge confesses to a shocking act of infidelity.
An image of Lisa and Smithers riding in a red convertible. An image of Malibu Stacy is behind them.
After learning a Malibu Stacy movie is in production, Lisa and Smithers embark on a road trip to stop Hollywood from perverting the source material and ensure it respects the lore and continuity. Meanwhile, Homer discovers a fifth meal. Greta Gerwig guest stars.
An image of Maggie using a computer displaying the Blogger website. In the foreground is the baby translator.
Everyone is impressed when Maggie starts a blog after Lisa hooks up Unkie Herb's baby translator to the computer... except for Marge, who is dismayed to read Maggie's critiques of her parenting skills.
An image of Dithers and Smithers in a lobby.
Smithers goes to work for Mr. Burns's friend J.C. Dithers from the Blondie comic strip.
An image of Bartman in a stock post reaching out the viewer. Behind him is the ghostly image of Crazy Cat Lady and a metropolitan city.
The masked vigilante Bartman is framed for the murder of Crazy Cat Lady and the only way to prove his innocence is to reveal his secret identity: Bart Simpson!