season 35 episode guide

(2023 - 2024)

An image of Homer Simpson dressed as Bumblebee Man in front of the Hollywood sign.
Homer becomes the new Bumblebee Man after some heinous allegations about the previous actor emerge. But will the glamour of the spotlight blind him to the importance of family? Danny Trejo guest stars.
Professor Frink and Principal Skinner are frightened in seemingly normal hallway
Principal Skinner and Professor Frink find themselves trapped in a house haunted by a dark entity.
Bart and MrBeast stand in an urban environment.
While on a family trip to Greenville, North Carolina, Bart meets his idol, YouTube superstar MrBeast, who hires him to be his Generation Alpha ambassador. But Bart's dream gig becomes a nightmare when he's forced to trade his beloved Butterfinger bars for Feastables.