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Boy The Simpson's sure have been licesned for a lot of video game's, havent they? There are so many, that sometime's you forget some of them. Here is a guide to some of the rareer Simpson Video Games that you may not have heard about

simpson family maze quest
Simpson Family Maze Quest
Year: 1989
Platform: Commodore 64
Developer: XTALSOFT

Released only in eastern Europe, this game bears the distinction of being the first-ever Simpsons video game, released before The Simpsons even became a series. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the game.

you are lisa simpson.
You Are Lisa Simpson
Year: 1992
Platform: PC
Developer: Infocom

Apparently produced under the delusion that Bartmania would soon morph into Lisamania, You Are Lisa Simpson was the final text adventure game released under the Infocom brand. In the game, players take on the role of Lisa Simpson and solve challenging mind puzzles, while navigating through various ethical quandaries. The game sold less than 100 copies nationwide, but managed to achieve minor "cult" status within the interactive fiction community.

simpsons christmas
Bort Simpleton Vs. Nuclear Strong Man
Year: 1993
Platform: SNES
Developer: Kemco

Kemco lost their Simpsons license fairly late in the production stages of this RPG, forcing the cash-strapped Japanese company to simply alter all references to The Simpsons instead of scrapping the game altogether. Long considered an "unofficial" entry in Simpsons video game canon, Bort Simpleton had a brief resurgence in 2000, when various lines from the poorly-translated game became viral internet memes.

krusty klippit
The Simpsons Office Assistant Extension Pack for Microsoft Office Suite
Year: 1997
Platform: PC/Mac
Developer: Microsoft

Office users could replace the infamous paper clip assistant "Clippit" with a downloadable licensed character extension pack from Microsoft's website. The Simpsons pack included Homer, Bart, & Krusty and featured over 16 unique animations. A small mini-game called "Krusty Fun Juggle" was included as an easter egg.

the simps
The Simps
Year: 1998
Developer: Maxis

Designed for the short-lived Tiger Electronics system, The Simps attempted to capitalize on the "virtual pet" craze of the late '90s. Players took care of a Simpsons character (Homer, Bart, Lisa, or Santa's Little Helper) - feeding them, cleaning up after them, etc. - while training them to compete in go-kart races.

simpsons skeeball
Simpsons Skeeball
Year: 2002
Platform: GameCube, Playstation 2, Xbox
Developer: THQ

An entirely forgettable game. Although the player is ostensibly playing as Homer, no Simpsons characters are actually seen or heard in the game. Kotaku named it the 5th worst skeeball game of the decade.

epic homer
Epic Homer
Year: 2008
Platform: Wii
Developer: Electronic Arts

Epic Homer was the first Simpsons game produced exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Critics praised its innovative gameplay and witty cutscenes. However, the game was banned by the ESRB after controversy arose over a level in which the player "strangles" Bart with the Wii Nunchuks.

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