homertwitSo it turns out there are more Simpsons websites out there other than this one??? What the heck??? Anyway here they are, and a thing to search them with

Search Simpsons sites:

  • No Homers Club
    The No Homers Club is proud to be the world's premiere site for sandwiches and sandwich discussion. Is a pita a sandwich? Find out the consensus in the heated debate that spanned 149 pages
  • The Simpsons Archive
    They oughta call this site "the word warehouse" cuz theres a lotta words on it!!!
  • Dead Homer Society
    These dudes freakin love the modern era of the simpsons and they want to marry it haha
  • the springfield connection!
    The only Simpsons website controlled by the mafia!
  • Wikisimpsons
    This is where Julian Assange dumps all the hot hot confidential war intel he's obtained
  • Eye on Springfield
    The Seventh Seal of Simpsons-related tumblelogs
  • Springfield! Springfield!
    More funny cat pictures than you can shake a stick at!!!
  • Simpson Crazy
    Are you crazy about the Simpson? No, not that Simpson, the other one
  • Simpsons Channel
    This used to be a pirate TV channel that aired nothing but Simpsons but then fox made them take it down so now its just news
  • Simpsons Folder
    This is where the "MELISSA" virus that plagued computers in 1999 originated from
  • Tebeos de los Simpson
    Dios mío, este es un buen blog sobre cómics Simpsons, pero está escrito en español??? Aye yai yai!

  • Bomer
    *drops sandwich* B'oh
  • Stoned Simpsons
    lmao these frickin cartoon characters look high as HECK.
  • Go Simpsonic!
    This site pretty much just stopped being updated after the owner was put on trial for allegedly stabbing his wife to death
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