2020 Democratic Candidates as Disney Princesses

Amy Klobuchar: Merida
History of physical aggression, has bit of an accent, does not use combs properly
Andrew Yang: Tiana
Entreprenuer who caters to frog people
Bernie Sanders: Jasmine
Champions the common person, advocates for "a whole new world," married to a thief. Also Genie is "how ya gonna pay for that???" personified
Beto O'Rourke: Star Butterfly
Young, obnoxious, reckless, rejected by their home, lives in close proximity to Hispanics
Bill de Blasio: Pocahontas
In Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, Pocahontas leaves her home to visit England, much like de Blasio ABANDONED his city to run for president
Cory Booker: Elsa
Capable of creating friends out of thin air (Olaf, T-Bone)
Elizabeth Warren: Belle
Seen as the "smart" one because she's a policy wonk/reads books. Wants to tame capitalism/The Beast by tinkering around the edges with plans/etiquette lessons
Eric Swalwell: Sofia the First
He kept yelling about "passing the torch" during the first debate, so he's the toddler princess
Jay Inslee: Kida
Inslee has positioned himself as the "climate" guy, Kida holds the key for surviving underwater
Joe Biden: Aurora
He's seemingly been asleep for a long time and has trouble adapting to modern times (praising segregationists, etc.)
Joe Sestak: Leia
Veteran, rebelled against an evil organization (Galactic Empire, DSCC), has been on a losing streak lately
John Delaney: Rapunzel
Has had limited interaction with other human beings, which might be why Delaney thinks people love their insurance companies
John Hickenlooper: Moana
Hickenlooper worked for the oil industry and supported fracking; the natural resources on Moana's island got cursed or whatever
Julián Castro: Kiara
He's been held up by the establishment as a "rising star" for like a decade now
Kamala Harris: Kairi
Kairi's story is almost as convoluted as Harris's student debt plans
Kirsten Gillibrand: Giselle
Canonical New Yorker, in her current position because of an evil queen
Marianne Williamson: Vanellope von Schweetz
Percieved as a "glitch" who's not supposed to be there, wants to spread happiness and joy to everyone, knows a lot of celebrities
Michael Bennet: Anna
Lives in a snowy, mountainous region; likes sandwiches; excited for the possibility they'll finally be noticed by someone
Mike Gravel: Snow White
Both have small men doing all the work for them
Pete Buttigieg: Ariel
Young and impulsive, thinks they're ready for the surface world/national stage despite a lack of experience, married the first man they saw, conspicuously silent when it comes to actual policies
Seth Moulton: Mulan
Soldiers concerned with China who (probably) have the highest amount of kills in their respective fields
Steve Bullock: Tiger Lily
Nobody is quite sure what they sound like
Tim Ryan: Eilowny
Tom Steyer: Cinderella
Money is no object thanks to their vast wealth/Fairy Godmother
Tulsi Gabbard: Anastasia
Not considered part of the "canon," might have a connection to the Russian government
Wayne Messam: Princess of Gentlehaven
The princess of Gentlehaven is the unnamed protagonist of the Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey video game who occupies the same level of obscurity as Wayne Messam