One of the great things about Twitter is that it allows for collaborative joke-making. With the use of a hashtag - the pound sign in front of a subject, which enables self-categorization and makes like-minded posts easier to find in search - anyone on Twitter can contribute. Often one person will send out a joke followed by a hashtag, and then other people will jump in on it with their own jokes, like a giant, improvisational brainstorming session. Some of these become mega-popular, with hundreds if not thousands of users chiming in (occasionally these become "Trending Topics," which are featured on the Twitter homepage), while others lie dead in their tracks due to esotericism, specificness, or because the original person's friends didn't seize on it.

Recently I sent out the hashtag "#arttvshows" with a couple of groan-worthy puns, and some other cool dudes joined in. For the sake of posterity, since Twitter is more about ephem­er­ality and nowness than archiving and preservation, here's all the great puns those Twitter rascals and I made:



Rothko's Modern Life

Who's the Bosch?

The Transformativists (Mobute)

A Pup Named Scooby Duchamp (protodildo)

The Biggest Luthier (Mobute)

Munch (woodmuffin)

Louvrerne and Shirley (woodmuffin)

The Sol LeWitt Life of Zack & Cody

The Magic Arbus

Homicida Tarbell (Mobute)

Americana Idol (murkwaters)

Abstract Eye for the Renaissance Guy (murkwaters)

Hannah Höch Montana

Saved by the Bell Jar (virgiltexas)

iCarly Orff (Mobute)

How I Met Whistler's Mother (woodmuffin)

The Six Million Dollar Manet (DGRNX)


The Mentaliszt (Mobute)

House, M.C. Escher (Mobute)

Yves Tanguy, A Girl & a Pizza Place (leducviolet)

Bauhaus, M.D. (woodmuffin)

Beuys Meets World

Cezanne the City (woodmuffin)

Gossip Gogh (leh0n)

Schiele the Teenage Witch (protodildo)

True Jackson Pollock, VP

America's Next Top Monet (leh0n)

Northern Overexposure (virgiltexas)

The Mystery Files of Jeffrey Koons

Bruegel Howser, M.D. (leh0n)

Family Double Dürer

Keeping Up With The Köllwitzes (glopdemon)

Dada Dragon (protodildo)

Keeping Up with the Kandinskys (DGRNX)

Fanboy & Judd Judd

24 Views of Mt. Fuji (glopdemon)

The New Adventures of Oldenberg, Claestine (glopdemon)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dalì (DeadReagan)

Big Time Ruscha

Cube Your Enthusiasm (leducviolet)

Dear Jasper Johns (leducviolet)

Picasso's Blue Period's Clues (glopdemon)

Chagall My Children (glopdemon)

Kids in the Warhol (leducviolet)

Caravaggioey (leducviolet)

iCaravaggio (leh0n)

The René Magritte & Stimpy Show (leducviolet)

Monet's Anatomy (IntrnetSuprhero)

Two and a Half Las Meninas (coryharris)

Celebrity Fauvism Club (glopdemon)

Winged Victory of Amazing Race (coryharris)

Titian: Impossible (andybugay)

Win Lichtenstein's Money (andybugay)

The Secret World of Alex Katz (andybugay)

The Braque Show (andybugay)

My Motherwell The Car (andybugay)

The Dick Van Gogh Show (MadMike4883)


***five bonus puns***

Gullah Guston Island

My Three Sontags


Christo Girls




Matthew Barney and Friends (anonymous)

This Old Bauhaus (anonymous)

International Klein Blue's Clues (anonymous)

Neo Geo Gabba Gabba (anonymous)

Andres Serrano's Star Wars Piss Christ-mas Special (anonymous)

That's Picasso Raven! (anonymous)

Dirty Sexy Monet (anonymous)

The Surreal World (anonymous)

My So-Called Still Life (anonymous)

Who's the Basquiat? (anonymous)

Starry Knight Rider (anonymous)

Queer Eye for Yves Tanguy (anonymous)

The Colossus of Rhoda (anonymous)

He-Man and Cremasters of the Universe (anonymous)

Giotto Catch a Predator (Mobute)

Klimt My Ride (anonymous)

Everybody Loves Man Ray (anonymous)

The Chuck Closer (anonymous)

I Love Lucien Freud (anonymous)

In Living Color Field Painting (anonymous)

30 Rockwell (anonymous)

In Living Watercolor (virgiltexas)

Star Lautrec (virgiltexas)

Lost in Negative Space (virgiltexas)

The Warhol At Home (virgiltexas)

Rococo's Modern Life (virgiltexas)

Modernist Family (virgiltexas)

Northern Exposeurat (leducviolet)

That's My MoMa (virgiltexas)

Let's Make A Deal Table (anonymous)

Touched by an Abstract Angel (murkwaters)

Klee's Company (woodmuffin)