Ideas for Band Names

A friend asked me to come up with a name for her band so I gave her this list

the purple rose... of death

closed for refurbishment

red tape

the laundromat killers

silent vixens

generation pi

the square root of love

vampire bureaucracy

vending machine

Rockin' Uncle Sam and his Patriotic Minstrels

cactus rose

we shot liberty valence

web two-point-oh

blogospheric potato chips

reaganomic function

sixth grade girlfriend

winter purgatory

57th Infantry

putrid punditocracy

mosey on over

awkward silence

why won't you answer my instant messages

suburban witchcraft

funk the power (funk bands only)

amish techno


ex-girlfriend's perfume

everyone dies alone

invisible mode

laundry detergent


free mattress

Peter Lorre is Dead (But Not In My Heart)

the broken shards of my wasted life

bittersweet allegory

the mutated fishsticks

our deepness is on a different plane of existence that you can not even begin to fathom

old tire swing

discarded confetti

i wrote you a letter but i never sent it

beware the monster of makeout creek

it came from the blogosphere!

petulant wallflower

i kept your room just the way you left it

fuck you, norman y. mineta

we'll beat any advertised price

forgotten inside joke

unrequited middle school crush

platonic petticoat

sometimes i see his face in yours

hold still

i'll carry you through Hell and back

unsurpassed ubiquity

audio commentary dead air

failed suicide

wacky mishap

stop staring at my breasts

i didn't want it to end like this

stock market hooligans

hornswaggled harlots

biblical prophecy

nobody says porridge anymore

damn, we are so fine

worn-up laugh track

don't make me edit your wikipedia article

i used to wear emo glasses but now i wear contacts

someone spilled ketchup on my kotex pads

false alarm

repugnant pregnancy

one hand clapping

face to face with myself in room 101

heart of lonely

copied-and-pasted rejection letter

platonic sleepover

i wish i had the power of invisibility but i already have it

plot hole

drawing a blank

do you want to hear some songs (please say yes)

vixens from venus

accidental pregnancy

unintended allegory