The Official "My Brother and Me" FAQ

Where do the Parkers live?
To the best of our knowledge, the city and state in which "My Brother and Me" takes place has never been mentioned on the show. However, it is logical to assume that the show takes place in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, as evidenced by all the Panthers and Hornets paraphanalia in Alphie and Dee Dee's room.

Is Harry gay?
No, MB&M's token white kid is merely a sensitive nerd.

Wasn't Harry black in one episode?
No, I think you are mistaken.

What is the name of the Comic Book Shop?
Comics and Books.

Do the Parkers have middle names?
Not that we know of.

Who is Ilunga Adell?
Ilunga Adell, also known as William Adell Stevenson III, is one of the creators of My Brother and Me. He is a Memphis born playwright is also the writer of some of the episodes of the television shows, such as Moesha, city Guys, and Sanford and Son. He was educated at Memphis State University, Morehouse College, the University of Massachusetts, and Wesleyan University. My Brother and Me was his first attempt at making a sitcom geared towards a younger audience.

Where can I find a list of all the episode names?
Check out the episode guides at sites such as IMDB or TV Tome.

When was the first MB&M episode?
It was the episode entitled "Pilot", first airing October 15, 1994. Here is a synopsis from TV Tome: "In the pilot episode, Alphie Dee Dee and Melanie are supposed to be helping their parents at a carnival working the dunking booth. When Goo arrives and announces their favorite basketball player Kendall Gill is at the Comic Book Store signing autographs, the boys decide to ditch the carnival. This leaves Melanie and Jennifer to work the booth and both end up soaked. But however the Comic Book Store is packed and much to Alphie and Dee Dee's surprise their father has to interveiw Kendall Gill the very same day! ".

However, "Pilot" was not the pilot episode. The pilot episode is entitled "Dee Dee's First Kiss". It has never been seen on TV and there is much speculation over what this episode is about. Some believe that this episode may have been reworked into "Dee Dee's Girlfriend".

I hardly see any of the episodes anymore. Why does my local UPN and Nickelodeon stations suck so much?
Nickelodeon stopped the production of MB&M after only 13 episodes, and took the show off the air a couple years later. Some UPN stations played MB&M, but all of them have appeared to stop airing the show.

Will there be a MB&M movie?
Don't hold your breath!!! The likelihood of there ever being a MB&M movie is very, very low. But never say never!

Can I post about goofs and continuity errors?
No, unless it's remarkable. Every episode is filled to the brim with them, and continuity errors aren't remarkable either. It's not worth the time as they're so insignificant, and ultimately, uninteresting.

Who does the theme song?
Music in the show was done by Kurt Farquhar, who has done music or many other black shows.

What is MB&M?
MB&M is 'My Brother & Me'.

Shouldn't it be "My Brother and I"?
Yes, but don't tell Dee Dee and Alphie that!!!

Who is the "Me" in My Brother and Me referring to, Dee Dee or Alphie?
Nobody knows

Those Eternal Threads

This section is just a list of several thread topics that have been pretty much done to death on the forums. Just try to avoid these topics.

-Favorite quotes (in general)
-Where do the Parkers live?
-Favorite episodes (in general)
-Favorite season (in general)
-Did the show declining?
-Is Alphie/Dee Dee/Melanie/Goo/Harry gay?
-MB&M vs. Pete and Pete/Kenan & Kel/Romeo/Allen Strange/etc.
-Any other question answered in the FAQ above