Comics Page Recap For March 1, 2007


Family Circus: Precocious young daughter proudly informs her father that she is learning to "cut and paste" without the assistance of a computer

Dennis the Menace: Dennis asks his mother about phone etiquette for dealing with non-marketers

For Better or for Worse: Young couple lies awake in bed in humorous contrast to father's earlier insistence they "sleep on it" before making a decision

Born Loser: Born Loser fails to grasp the meaning of "gourmet" food

Garfield: Garfield watches television and makes a sarcastic comment

Marvin: Marvin's disturbing Oedipus complex is revealed as he proclaims he is "committed to making the relationship [between he and his mother] work."

Mallard Fillmore: Mallard comments on an article about baby boomers he read in a blank newspaper

Mutts: The cat arrogantly resists his owner's attempt to give him a cat bed, preferring to use her bed instead. Sassy!

B.C.: Caveman looks up the word "soulmate" in Wiley's Dictionary, only to receive a joke involving socks instead of a proper definition

Six Chix: Businesswoman steps into a lingerie store; she is later objectified by a male onlooker

Peanuts: Snoopy pounces upon his supper after Charlie Brown announces that he will give it to the cat next door if he doesn't eat it

Tina's Groove: Tina finds a customer's order for condensed milk in a bowl of abridged alphabet cereal questionable

Zits: Mother nags at teenager

Beetle Bailey: Sarge does not want to ride in a jeep that Beetle has fixed up

Mother Goose & Grimm: Cavewoman complains about the uncivilized nature of her husband

Jump Start: Clarence feels guilty because he does not know who W.E.B. DuBois was. Fortunately, Black History Month is over.

Hagar the Horrible: Hagar's wife takes pre-emptive action by telling him not to eat with his mouth full before he's started eating

Baby Blues: Zoe drives her brother crazy by refusing to do anything with him

Doonesbury: A US soldier at a checkpoint does not realize that a possible militant is insulting him in Arabic

Blondie: Dagwood attempts to order a pizza while stuck in traffic

Frank & Ernest: Caveman accidentally burns himself with fire, leading an onlooker to proclaim that he has invented irony

Fred Basset: Talking dog chases after a smaller dog

Ziggy: The battery in Ziggy's power tie is low