Some guy from the Internet said that "If you don't think Kucinich can win, IM me, because we need to have a little chat."

So I did.

POSTSCRIPT (April 2008): I have edited out my screenname because I am trying to phase out of using it, and the Kuchinich supporter's identity because he's a cool guy now

Me: i do not think kuchinich can win, STICK THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT HIPPIE
Him: I have yet to speak to a dean supporter that did not agree with kucinich but wouldn't vote for him because no one else was.
Him: who are you supporting? What views are most important to you?
Him: also, who is this?
Me: kuchinich looks like a nerd and nobody wants a nerd president
Me: also he is a communist
Me: oh ho it looks like i have won this argument
Him: hahahah
Him: you my firend are hilarious
Him: What does that have to do with his abilities or strengths as president3
Him: *?
Me: well yes communists can make good leaders
Him: First, what makes him a communist?
Me: Kuchinich and communist both have 3 syllables
Him: Great logic.
Me: stop denying the truth hippie
Him: What's your point?
Him: I was going to call you a redneck but I don't what to sink to your kindergarten level, callingeach other names and all.
Me: why must you liberals always beso ELITEST
Him: first I'm not a liberal.
Him: Second, please, I'm want to listen to your point, but you aren't making one.
Me: what with your hollywood-loving communist-supporting and latte-drinking pot-smoking draft-dodging homosexual tendencies!
Him: Are you trying to appear as a stereotype or does it come naturally?
Him: Seriously, what's your point?
Me: kuchichichcinnamonnnichich can't win
Him: Because....
Me: people like easy names they can spell like "bush" or "clinton"
Me: it makes them feel smart
Him: Does this have anything to do with politics?
Me: it has EVERYTHING to do with politics, my slow-witted friend
Him: Think about this: Nader will not run for president if Kucinich is nominated. So if all democrats for for Kucinich, plus all greens, that's 53.5% of registered voters.
Him: estimations.
Me: yeah well some of kuchinich's ancestors were slaveholders
Me: if you vote for him you are supporting SLAVERY
Him: Are you being sarcastic?
Him: You must be.
Me: you still havent given me one good reason why kuchiniciciicich will make a good president, hippie
Him: Ok. Here;s 10
Me: did you know that he is single because HE KILLED HIS WIFE?
Him: 1. He will enforce Fair Trade by withdrawing from NAFTA/WTO
2. He will create order and peace in Iraq and has a plan to do so.
3. He will create at least 2 million new federal jobs
4. He will help small businesses fight against corporate injustice and economic slums.
5. He will reverse the environmental deregulations that are polluting our air.
6. He will get us off of our oil addiction and onto renewable, clean energy sources.
7. He will give health care to all americans.
8. He will end the liberties stealing Patriot Act.
9. He will fight for the rights of all americans, including gays and lesbians, racial minorities, D.C. residents, and the working class.
10. He will promote a vision of peace and prosperity in America and around the world.

Me: yeah well here are 10 reasons why bush will continue to be a good president:
1. Because God said so
2. " "
3. " "
4. " "
5. " "
6. " "
7. " "
8. " "
9. " "
10. " "

Him: ha. great point.
Me: are you refuting the word of Our Lord?
Him: We are not a theocracy.
Me: have a nice eternity in HELL you hippie punk!!!!!!!
Him: Yes, I am sure now that you are being sarcastic.
Him: There's no way anyone can be this stereotypical, ignorant, and prejudiced.
Me: yeah well unlike the rest of your latte-sipping LA Times-reading homosexual-sodomizing brethren, me and other true americans come from a little place called the heartland
Him: Ahahahahahaha
Him: NOW I'm POSITIVE you're sarcastic.
Him: thank you, this conversation has been entertaining