SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

morning joe


6:06 AM (EST): gonna livetweet morning joe

6:08: jon meacham told a funny anecdote about jimmy carter

6:10: cameras gettin all dogme95 on us here

6:14: there's little starbucks bags in the center of the table, presumably with food in them. will they eat them???

6:16: "LETS NOT PARE IT DOWN TO A SOUNDBITE" - mika brzezinski, cable news pundit

6:17: weatherman watches them from above, like a vulture

6:27: chuckling at a clip of christine o'donnell on fox news. meanwhile new york times headlines scroll by on bottom of screen

6:28: awww yeaahhh, it's time for THE POLITICO PLAYBOOK *pumps fist repeatedly*

6:37: quick mention of a bleacher in brazil that collapsed and injured ppl... looks like that bandstand wasn't doublebolted


6:39: the old guy looks really giddy for some reason

6:42: it turns out the bags are just coffee beans for decoration/advertising #disappointment

6:45: aw how sweet, mika is giving joe a whole bag of "keep calm and carry on" stuff

6:46: they are playing a game show now. joe is pat sajak and mika is vanna white. WTF

6:47: ahaha jon meacham just made a "jim from the office" look at the camera

msnbc.com doesn't have the game show segment online, so you'll have to use your imagination and pretend that he's looking at the camera with puppy dog eyes

6:52: old guy, whose name is mike barnacle, says all liberal cable hosts call bush a fascist. does he know he's on msnbc

6:54: it's willie geist's turn to shine now

6:57: joe said ugly dump instead of ugly duckling

7:00: jesus has it already been an hour???

7:03: more like terry mcawful if you ask me

7:08: female producer in background running... possible BREAKING NEWS happening???

7:11: willie geist has a laptop out but i can't tell what he's looking at

7:12: the camera just panned past and it sorta looks like the something awful forums /!\


7:16: chuck todd gives me a substitute teacher vibe

7:20: Joe's got his reading glasses on! IQ increased by 5! Vitality increased by 5! Joe realized the power of PSI Freeze β!

7:23: i'm done. i can only take so much bland beltway conventional wisdom