I think it would be fun to run a newspaper

The Atlanta Heretic
Tacoma Truth-Wrangler

The Louisiana Looker-Atter
Cleveland Daily Growl
San Bernardino Meth-Dealer
Pepsi Presents: The Los Angeles Times
Kansas City Narrative
The Omaha Objectivist
Rochester Rumormonger

Walla Walla Post-Modernist

The Yonkers Yellow-Journal

Chattanooga Cross-Examiner
The Cucamonga Silly Name CrazyPaper
Butte Bulletin
New Jersey Threatener
The Seattle Squealer
Sioux Falls Post-Dispatch-Shitrag
Milwaukee Daily Advertiser Print Edition
Mountain View Obsoleteist
New York Yearly News
The Detroit Dinosaur
Chicago Score-Settler

The Portland Exposition
South Park Republican
Baltimore Wire-Reporter
Hill Street News

Providence Background Prop
Scranton Sun-God
The Anaheim Anarchist
Bangor 'Splainer
Houston Housebreaker
Truth or Consequences Sun-Times-Herald-Tribune-Dealer-Bulletin
Salt Lake City Prophet
Peoria Print-Blog
The Spokane Spit-Baller
Provo Profit-Burner

Dallas Immigrant-Basher
San Antonio Secessionist
Fredericksburg Daily Fascist
Haight Street Socialist Worker
Boston Globetrotter
Savannah Status-Quoter
West Hartford Suburbanite
Green Bay Goings-On
St. Louis Stalker
Denver Daily Sudoku Puzzle & News
Richmond Regurgitator
Atlantic City Monopolist
Clinton County Triangulator
The Heath-Ledger


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