What People Come To rubbercat.net For

August 2009

decision engine

Here are some recent search queries that people have inserted into search engines where this site popped up as one of the results.

a picture of money with the simpsons on it

baby blues comic sucks

caricature of a man with hat hat dandy

can a shark eat a person in one bite

cat penis

do sharks have boogers

dvd commentary track with j.d. salinger and bill watterson

grandma you have committed crimes against anime

hagar the horrible sucks

is huell howser gay

is there a nerd shark

is there a vampire living in 2009

is there jokes about shark

josh weinstein the simpsons jew

milhouse naked!

musician eaten by sharks

oh hey is does terminal got

peter griffin%27s penis

search the lagoon perry

shark programming language hashedbits

simpsons reverend lovejoy money shot

the guy that talks like arnold schwarzenegger in the simpsons


wallet wallet wallet wallet

what do you get if you cross our first president with a shark

you won't marry me because im crazy and you say im crazy becaus

where does lisa simpson live

what was that show about sharks that fought crime

where can i send richard karn a letter