Some Note I Found On The Ground

Here is some correspondance between some guy named "William F." and some girl (I think).

William F.

William F.

you threw paper at me and it hurt J/K

You deserved it, You threw a piece of paper on my desk. That's not very nice either!!

It was a present and I was just trying to be nice

Your presenstts suck! I would rather have some money. Then, you would be my "Best Friend!"

It is the Thought that counts, so are you saying im not your friend because I havent given you money =(

Exactly Your not as dumb as I thought.

See thats Mean Id never say anything like that Because Im nice

I apprecicte you trying to be nice. I really do. But you might want to try just a little boivl bit harder if you want to be my friend.

And how does that work genus

For one, don't give me trash for a present and then, you have to give me some money. Just like I said before, and then, don't talk so much, cause you talk TOO MUCH!! J/K!

Are you serious, that is so mean and look at you look at how much you talk

Did you see this [arrow pointing at "J/K"]

I see it now =)